Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rorin Handbags

 Friday, June 22nd, I talked with Erin Tutfs. She is the brain behind the new handbag line, Rorin.  She was so interesting to talk to! Here are some highlights from our conversation:

First I asked what is sold in the Rorin line,
            Right now, there is one style, but in many different colors and 3 sizes. This style is an innovative clutch that has two zippered compartments. The smallest one can hold cell phones and other small nick naks, but the larger one can hold ipads or e readers.  Later this summer Erin hopes to introduce 2 additional styles! She also added that the handbags are made out of recycled materials.

The conversation then went onto talking about how the name Rorin came to be,
            Erin said that the name just came to her, because it is a combination of her name, Erin, and her boyfriend, Rorie. She has used this nickname for a while but she just thought it sounded good and it became the name of her line!

Next I wanted to know what the inspiration was behind the line,
            She has always been interested in fashion. When she was little she started off making clothes for her Barbie’s and moved onto hand stitching bags for herself. She was always sketching and designing! Two years ago she came across an old sketchbook, which had pages and pages of handbag sketches. This sketchbook became the spark that inspired the idea behind Rorin.

Where can you buy the line?
            Right now Erin has an Esty shop and the bags that are currently on sale go from $42-$84, when I asked about price points for the future pieces that will be in the line. Erin hopes to keep prices between $40-$150.  The price will fluctuate a little based on if the fabric is leather or not.  The pieces ship within 3 days, so there is little waiting time for your handmade bag to be yours!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebrities Sport Feathers

Celebrities Sport Feathers

Oasis summer top
$55 -

Wallis orange top
$35 -

Pleated shorts
£20 -

Warehouse short shorts
$32 -

Cocobelle tying shoes
$135 -

Sam Edelman leather shoes
$76 -

Emerald jewelry
$69 -

$49 -

Neon jewelry
$49 -

Helen Kaminski ribbon hat
$131 -

Product of the Week:the Sunny Dress by Sunhee

The Sunny Dress by SUNHEE!

Sunhee Hwang, the designer, was named Woman's Wear Designer 2012 from Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation. This rising fashion star's line has gotten a multitude of press  lately including; WWD and NBC Thread.

This sexy dress features a deep v-neck and has mini-dress with a tight, pleated skirt.
The unique piece has open, doorman sleeves with a crisscross blossom top and a high-neck back. Hem falls mid-thigh, high above the knee.

The best detail about this dress is that it is made out of a stretch silk, this makes it very comfortable to wear!  And it's available in Kelly Green (Size 6), which is such a stunning color.

WHAT:  The Sunny Dress by SUNHEE
WHERE:  55 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY  Click for Directions
(in the basement at GunBar)
WHEN:  every Wednesday - Sunday 12PM - 5PM from now until the end of July!
Thursdays 12PM - 8PM
HOW MUCH: $298.00

Saturday, June 23, 2012

2 Great Lessons for the Week -

1. I was reminded of how much our words impact our world.
Life Coach, Gabrielle Bernstein, lectures on her blog this week about the power of positive thinking, and the energy behind words. Even jokes are affirmations of negative thoughts, and negative behaviors. What you think, and what you say, you create.

Are you overly worrying?  Do you believe that worry is a way to take control over your life?
Worry is one of the most low-level energy words in our vocabulary. Whereas love, angel, and happiness are very high on the energy scale. Gabby believes that worry is a prayer for chaos in our lives, and I have to agree.  Now I want to hear what you think!  Has over-worrying ever negatively impacted your life's true path?  Leave me a comment below.

2. I learned 3 Secrets for Building Serious Wealth.
Women, such as myself, may own our own businesses, but how clueless are we when it comes to investing?  This week, Business Coach, Marie Forleo, interviewed the CEO/Founder of DailyWorth (Amanda Steinberg) on MarieTV, revealing some pretty interesting statistics about women & money.
  • Women in the majority of households manage the day-to-day spending.
  • Women still overall save less money, in terms of the value of our investment accounts.
  • Women in 40% of marriages earn more than their husbands.
  • According to the Wall Streeet Journal, by the year 2030, women could control 2/3 of the nation's wealth.
  • 60% of the 10,000 women surveyed by DailyWorth admit that their investment  & planning skills are below average.
So, what are the top 3 things that any woman can do to take charge of her economy?
  1. Set-up 2 accounts: (1) a curveball account - a bank account with a minimum of $500 in it that's mean to be spent on an unexpected expense. it keeps you from going into debt, or going further into debt. (2) sign-up for a DIY online investing platform with e-trade - start with a no-minimum account for $100, build your IRA (individual retirement account), and choose the most simple options.
  2. Start visiting sites like DailyWorth, absorbing the language, and sign-up for their daily emails.
  3. Embrace your ambition. You don't have to be the next Martha Stewart, but if you do you need to own that. And don't deprive the rest of the world of your gifts, and who it is that you really are.

Forward Vision Project: contribute 1 idea of change you'd like to see in the world as a result of having more influence over the nation's wealth. Example: there are no women that stay in abusive marriages specifically because they are financially dependent.
Post your ideas below, or on!

"I can have more freedom in my life if I choose to engage in my personal finances."

Monday, June 18, 2012

FIT Exhibits!

Thursday, I visited the museum at FIT. I have seen previous exhibits that FIT put on so I knew that the exhibit would be fantastic, like always!

            I was surprised when I found out that FIT had two additional exhibits on display as well as the main one.

            The main exhibit was titled Fashion A-Z “Highlights from the Collection of the Museum at FIT Part 2”. 

Oscar de la Renta for Balmain,
evening dress in silk embroidered organza,
 spring 2002, France
The museum’s collection contains more than 50,0000 garments and 30,000 textiles from the 18th century to the present day (I was stunned by those numbers). The first part of this exhibit was on from November 2011-May 2012.  The display is in alphabetical order, (hence the title); this is different than how the displays at FIT are usually display, which is normally chronologically.  I also learned that their will be a book to accompany the exhibit, it will be available in Fall 2012.

The book will have more than 500 pictures of FIT’s collection! This book will for sure be a need to have item for any fashion fan. I am so excited to get my hands on a copy.

Needless to say the exhibit was phenomenal. The history that surrounds you in the exhibit is mind blowing! Each garment is so special and each with indescribable details, it is hard to put into words.

I took my time in the exhibit and gained inspiration as well as appreciation from each piece.

The Fight to Flee the Fire,
Min Suk Choi, 2012, mixed media.
There were garments from Balmain by Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Diane Von Furstenberg, Yves Saint Laurent for Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Valintino, and many many more designers.

The Illustration program at FIT put on the second exhibit that I went into and it was titled The Triangle Factory Fire: Then, Since, Now. It examined the event, it’s history and impact on the fashion industry and the workplace today. 26 different artists were showcased and each used different types of media to express their individual interruption of the tragedy. The exhibit was moving and beautiful.

The final exhibit I viewed was a Barbie exhibit in the school’s main lobby. It showcased the winning work from students in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, Photography, and Visual Presentation & Exhibition Design. The students were told to create different products for Barbie and Ken out of unconventional materials. The exhibit was so fun!!! I felt like I was in a Barbie house! All of the student work was amazing!

All three exhibits are definitely must-sees!

-Fashion A-Z is on display till November 10th 2012.
-The Triangle Factory exhibit is on display till July 7th 2012.
-The Barbie display will be on display through September. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My first week as a Parker + Paige intern!

My first week at Parker+Paige was so great! I have already learned a lot about what is needed to run a business like Parker+Paige. last Monday and Wednesday I mainly learned the basics, but I also was able to help out with updating the online retail store and helping organize some aspects of the Wholesale side of Parker+Paige.

Caravan Stylist Studio
            Wednesday, I had my first experience of exploring New York City on my own! First I went and grabbed some lunch at Ben’s Deli ( it was a great classic New York Deli, so good! After lunch I had directions to Caravan Stylist Studio (

Caravan is a studio where celebrities can go to for appointments and they get to choose outfits from different designers as well as receive hair and makeup services. I was sent to get clothes that Caravan had from our designer’s collections. The studio was so nice, and the girls that worked there were so friendly!

The Jewelery I bought at the sample sale!
On Thursday’s I am going to be experiencing the New York fashion scene, at least as much as I can fit in! On my first Thursday I went to my first sample sale. It was for Jewelry designer Gerard Yosca (, I went in think that there was no way that I would be able to afford anything but to my surprise it was extremely affordable. Everything was 50%-70%! I walked out with a beautiful necklace that also doubles, as a bracelet if you wrap it around your wrist and a long gold necklace, the best part was that I spent less then 20 dollars.

            Once I left the sample sale I got my self a Starbucks and while walking out I saw a cupcake store. I have a weakness for cupcakes so I had to check it out! It was called Baked by Melissa ( and had the most adorable mini cupcakes! I got three different flavors each one was delicious.

            Next I went to Mood Fabric Store. I spent a lot of time just leisurely browsing through the isle with what seemed like never ending bolts of fabric. It was so much fun, I ended up just getting a bunch of samples of interesting fabrics for future projects!

            I had such a great first week and I am so excited for the rest of my summer.

-Dani :]

Thursday, June 7, 2012

We're Hiring

You heard us right!

As we gear-up to open our showroom here in the Garment District of NYC, we are expanding our sales team to cover even more territory around this great nation of ours.

Candidates should have previous sales experience, preferrably in the wholesale/retail industry, and boutique/buyer contacts in the area they will be representing us.

All of our sales reps are required to work the tradeshows/markets in their area that our designers register for, and go on road appointments for the brands they work with. Additional travel may be required.

Interested applicants should send their resume, references, and a recent headshot to

Salary is commission-based. Compensation is a direct reflection of the time commitment you put into working your territory.

And... We've hired a MidWest Sales Rep!

Nancy Nafe in St. Louis, MO is currently finishing up appointments with Elena Pavlou & Two In A Gondola for A.W. 2012-2013 in the MidWest.

And we still have a few fall delivers open for either collection (10/15 & 10/30), so if you are a boutique owner / retail buyer with some budget left for fall contact us today!

Two In A Gondola has already set an exclusive in the St. Louis area with Mister Guy, but we've got samples from both collections to show until July 30th, so if your store is located in the MidWest or on the East Coast, especially in Kansas City, Chicago, Memphis, Manhattan, Boston, or D.C. Email us at to set-up your appointment today.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pursue Your Passion

This Week business coach, Marie Forleo, talks with a guy who's currently on tour with Oprah's Lifeclass because he's the founder of TheDailyLove.

A entrepreneur & serial brand creator, Mastin Kipp knows how to establish loyalty with any customer base. An avid follower of the text A Course In Miracles, he's all about 3 things:
  1. Service - serve his customer base
  2. Surrender - surrender to his true calling
  3. Impact - impact the world around him & the greater good
Now uber successful, it's moving to hear (in the video above) how he really struggled before getting to where he is now. Kipp proves to be a constant reminder of when you believe you have a purpose, you have to keep going, no matter how hard it gets, or how desperate the situation may appear to be.

We here at parker+paige, having had our own share of ups & downs, know what's that like - still waiting to finish our 1st 100 online purchases, as a part of our One for One Campaign, working with some designers who've had slow starts, and some with meteoric rises - all impatient to have made it big yesterday - reaching out to some bloggers who forget our appointments or never post the samples we sent, and some who contact us, and are timely & professional, and provide great content.

Now we want to hear from you!  Like the emerging designers we work with, we feel like our readers have dreams & vision boards of their own, so... What do you feel is your true calling? Have you been brave enough to pursue them?? Comment below, email us at, and don't forget to check out MarieTV!
"Everyone has oceans to fly if they have the heart.  Is it reckless?  Yes, but what to dreams know of boundaries."  - Amelia

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgins

Orange handbag
$80 -

$88 -

$51 -

Brown jewelry
$49 -

Round sunglasses
$369 -

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Fuels Your Passion?

In the May issue of Marie Claire, a special article was sponsored by Buick. It was entitled “What fuels your passion?” The article showcased two women, who not only have achieved enormous success in their professional lives, but also in their philanthropic efforts after work. 

Yvette Castro

The first woman showcased was Danielle Abraham, a brand evangelist at Qwiki and a founding member of UNICEF’s Next Generation. Next Generation is a group of young professionals who strive to reduce preventative children’s deaths to zero. 

The second woman highlighted was Yvette Castro. An engineer by day, she is VP of Research and Development for Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) by night, on the weekends, or any other time she has a spare moment.

“[I am] inspired by the idea of social responsibility paired with fashion to help alleviate poverty around the world.” 

Her role at FFP is to raise awareness and support for the textile and fashion industry, by working with designers to show them how much fashion has the power to influence the world we live in and make global changes.

Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for initiatives that encourage sustainable means of challenging poverty. The organization gives awards and recognizes designers who adhere to principles such as fair trade, equitable compensation, and the use of environmentally sustainable material.

If you didn’t already know, parker+paige has been a longtime supporter of FFP, announcing a partnership last July with the non-profit to facilitate outreach & education in some of their main initiatives through increasing their audience & participation levels in programs like their unpaid internships & summer camp for youth, as well as their annual gala & their fashion forums.

Yvette Castro
Yvette and I were first introduced over email in September 2007 through a FFP model casting call. I was thrilled to finally meet her in the flesh this March at their 2012 Dress Responsibly Gala, where one of our designers (Ashley Zaba) had been invited to participate in the live exhibition portion of their fashion showcase that evening. It was a wonder to see her; she works tirelessly for the organization. It rejuvenates you to see her pursue it with such energy – I came back from my weekend in D.C. re-energized to continue with our own “One for One” movement.

More and more customers are becoming social aware of where their clothing is manufactured, what materials were used to produce it, and where those materials are sourced from. FFP helps to bridge the gap between socially responsible shoppers, and the designers that produce socially responsible garments. Through film screening, fashion forums, summer camp, their annual gala, industry & consumer workshops, and countless other initiatives they hope to achieve this goal.

Both women showcased in this article are extremely inspiring individuals. If more people wanted to do even a fraction of good that these women do, the world would truly be a better place! I agree with Yvette Castro in the fact that fashion does have a huge potential to make a difference in the world, and Fashion Fights Poverty is aiming to do just that.

So, what fuels your passion? We want to know! Email us or comment below to voice what organization you like to support during your down-time:

written by Danielle Civil & Paige Lemann

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Zuckerberg Wedding

written by Danielle Civil
edited by Paige Lemann

The story has dominated almost all news outlets: The marriage of Mark Zuckerburg and Priscilla Chan is one of the most talked about weddings since the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. One would say that there is a lot of common ground between the two weddings, but on the other hand they are extremely different.

The Zuckerburg wedding was small, under a 100 guest, and completely a surprise to guests, who thought they were attending a party for Priscilla’s graduation from medical school. This alone alludes to the fact that it had to of been a causal outdoor wedding. The guests would be dressed for a celebration, in the California sun, not a highly publicized event like the royal wedding.

Priscilla's engagement ring is supposedly a ruby nested between two diamonds. This is similar to Kate Middleton’s ring, but her’s is a sapphire! The dainty ring was hand designed by Mark himself. The ring is not large by any means, at least not for a billionaire. The ring is practical and down to earth, which seems to be a common theme throughout their wedding.

I also have been noticing that necklines on wedding dresses have been changing dramatically! Both Priscilla and Kate had higher necklines and were not strapless, which was a common theme for recent weddings. This look is modest and elegant instead of sexy. Priscilla’s dress was designed by Claire Pettibone and is priced under $5,000! The dress is casual and beautiful, perfect for an outdoor garden wedding.

A theme that I have noticed is that weddings are becoming more individual and elegant, which I believe is quite lovely. What do you think of these new trends in engagements rings and weddings dresses? Let us know by commenting below, or emailing us at We love hearing from you!