Friday, June 1, 2012

The Zuckerberg Wedding

written by Danielle Civil
edited by Paige Lemann

The story has dominated almost all news outlets: The marriage of Mark Zuckerburg and Priscilla Chan is one of the most talked about weddings since the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. One would say that there is a lot of common ground between the two weddings, but on the other hand they are extremely different.

The Zuckerburg wedding was small, under a 100 guest, and completely a surprise to guests, who thought they were attending a party for Priscilla’s graduation from medical school. This alone alludes to the fact that it had to of been a causal outdoor wedding. The guests would be dressed for a celebration, in the California sun, not a highly publicized event like the royal wedding.

Priscilla's engagement ring is supposedly a ruby nested between two diamonds. This is similar to Kate Middleton’s ring, but her’s is a sapphire! The dainty ring was hand designed by Mark himself. The ring is not large by any means, at least not for a billionaire. The ring is practical and down to earth, which seems to be a common theme throughout their wedding.

I also have been noticing that necklines on wedding dresses have been changing dramatically! Both Priscilla and Kate had higher necklines and were not strapless, which was a common theme for recent weddings. This look is modest and elegant instead of sexy. Priscilla’s dress was designed by Claire Pettibone and is priced under $5,000! The dress is casual and beautiful, perfect for an outdoor garden wedding.

A theme that I have noticed is that weddings are becoming more individual and elegant, which I believe is quite lovely. What do you think of these new trends in engagements rings and weddings dresses? Let us know by commenting below, or emailing us at We love hearing from you!

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