Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Fuels Your Passion?

In the May issue of Marie Claire, a special article was sponsored by Buick. It was entitled “What fuels your passion?” The article showcased two women, who not only have achieved enormous success in their professional lives, but also in their philanthropic efforts after work. 

Yvette Castro

The first woman showcased was Danielle Abraham, a brand evangelist at Qwiki and a founding member of UNICEF’s Next Generation. Next Generation is a group of young professionals who strive to reduce preventative children’s deaths to zero. 

The second woman highlighted was Yvette Castro. An engineer by day, she is VP of Research and Development for Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) by night, on the weekends, or any other time she has a spare moment.

“[I am] inspired by the idea of social responsibility paired with fashion to help alleviate poverty around the world.” 

Her role at FFP is to raise awareness and support for the textile and fashion industry, by working with designers to show them how much fashion has the power to influence the world we live in and make global changes.

Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for initiatives that encourage sustainable means of challenging poverty. The organization gives awards and recognizes designers who adhere to principles such as fair trade, equitable compensation, and the use of environmentally sustainable material.

If you didn’t already know, parker+paige has been a longtime supporter of FFP, announcing a partnership last July with the non-profit to facilitate outreach & education in some of their main initiatives through increasing their audience & participation levels in programs like their unpaid internships & summer camp for youth, as well as their annual gala & their fashion forums.

Yvette Castro
Yvette and I were first introduced over email in September 2007 through a FFP model casting call. I was thrilled to finally meet her in the flesh this March at their 2012 Dress Responsibly Gala, where one of our designers (Ashley Zaba) had been invited to participate in the live exhibition portion of their fashion showcase that evening. It was a wonder to see her; she works tirelessly for the organization. It rejuvenates you to see her pursue it with such energy – I came back from my weekend in D.C. re-energized to continue with our own “One for One” movement.

More and more customers are becoming social aware of where their clothing is manufactured, what materials were used to produce it, and where those materials are sourced from. FFP helps to bridge the gap between socially responsible shoppers, and the designers that produce socially responsible garments. Through film screening, fashion forums, summer camp, their annual gala, industry & consumer workshops, and countless other initiatives they hope to achieve this goal.

Both women showcased in this article are extremely inspiring individuals. If more people wanted to do even a fraction of good that these women do, the world would truly be a better place! I agree with Yvette Castro in the fact that fashion does have a huge potential to make a difference in the world, and Fashion Fights Poverty is aiming to do just that.

So, what fuels your passion? We want to know! Email us or comment below to voice what organization you like to support during your down-time:

written by Danielle Civil & Paige Lemann

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