Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rorin Handbags

 Friday, June 22nd, I talked with Erin Tutfs. She is the brain behind the new handbag line, Rorin.  She was so interesting to talk to! Here are some highlights from our conversation:

First I asked what is sold in the Rorin line,
            Right now, there is one style, but in many different colors and 3 sizes. This style is an innovative clutch that has two zippered compartments. The smallest one can hold cell phones and other small nick naks, but the larger one can hold ipads or e readers.  Later this summer Erin hopes to introduce 2 additional styles! She also added that the handbags are made out of recycled materials.

The conversation then went onto talking about how the name Rorin came to be,
            Erin said that the name just came to her, because it is a combination of her name, Erin, and her boyfriend, Rorie. She has used this nickname for a while but she just thought it sounded good and it became the name of her line!

Next I wanted to know what the inspiration was behind the line,
            She has always been interested in fashion. When she was little she started off making clothes for her Barbie’s and moved onto hand stitching bags for herself. She was always sketching and designing! Two years ago she came across an old sketchbook, which had pages and pages of handbag sketches. This sketchbook became the spark that inspired the idea behind Rorin.

Where can you buy the line?
            Right now Erin has an Esty shop and the bags that are currently on sale go from $42-$84, when I asked about price points for the future pieces that will be in the line. Erin hopes to keep prices between $40-$150.  The price will fluctuate a little based on if the fabric is leather or not.  The pieces ship within 3 days, so there is little waiting time for your handmade bag to be yours!

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