Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My first week as a Parker + Paige intern!

My first week at Parker+Paige was so great! I have already learned a lot about what is needed to run a business like Parker+Paige. last Monday and Wednesday I mainly learned the basics, but I also was able to help out with updating the online retail store and helping organize some aspects of the Wholesale side of Parker+Paige.

Caravan Stylist Studio
            Wednesday, I had my first experience of exploring New York City on my own! First I went and grabbed some lunch at Ben’s Deli (http://www.bensdeli.net/) it was a great classic New York Deli, so good! After lunch I had directions to Caravan Stylist Studio (http://www.caravanstyliststudio.com/).

Caravan is a studio where celebrities can go to for appointments and they get to choose outfits from different designers as well as receive hair and makeup services. I was sent to get clothes that Caravan had from our designer’s collections. The studio was so nice, and the girls that worked there were so friendly!

The Jewelery I bought at the sample sale!
On Thursday’s I am going to be experiencing the New York fashion scene, at least as much as I can fit in! On my first Thursday I went to my first sample sale. It was for Jewelry designer Gerard Yosca (http://www.yosca.com/), I went in think that there was no way that I would be able to afford anything but to my surprise it was extremely affordable. Everything was 50%-70%! I walked out with a beautiful necklace that also doubles, as a bracelet if you wrap it around your wrist and a long gold necklace, the best part was that I spent less then 20 dollars.

            Once I left the sample sale I got my self a Starbucks and while walking out I saw a cupcake store. I have a weakness for cupcakes so I had to check it out! It was called Baked by Melissa (http://www.bakedbymelissa.com/) and had the most adorable mini cupcakes! I got three different flavors each one was delicious.

            Next I went to Mood Fabric Store. I spent a lot of time just leisurely browsing through the isle with what seemed like never ending bolts of fabric. It was so much fun, I ended up just getting a bunch of samples of interesting fabrics for future projects!

            I had such a great first week and I am so excited for the rest of my summer.

-Dani :]

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