Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why you need an Ashley Zaba piece in your wardrobe -

Why do you need an Ashley Zaba piece in your wardrobe? 
  1. The Little White Dress (LWD) is the NEW Little Black Dress (LBD) this season. 
  2. Her skinny jeans feature the new, trendy zipper detailing sported by celebs like the Olson twins. 
  3. Her jersey top combines a cowl neck with a hoodie, turning form into function while still looking chic. 
  4. Navy blue is the new Black, just ask stars like Eva Longoria - 
  5. The knee-length skirt: it’s why some pieces are timeless, because they are classy. 
  6. Bold Prints – they've made a comeback this year, and that’s why Zaba’s incorporated a very versatile one into her A/W Collection. 

  • You’ll be Supporting Small Business (long after Small Business Saturday has come and gone). 
  • When you purchase directly from parker+paige, we’ll donate one brand new piece to a child in need, so you’ll be giving to others without having to do any of the leg work to get it done. 
  • And purchases encourage the careers of Emerging Designers like Ashley Zaba, because it’s proving that the can make a living doing what they love. 

Don’t have a fur or faux fur cuff for Zaba’s LWD?
Dress it up with the Grace Bracelet, or better yet – layer up the Grace Bracelet with another shinny piece of wrist bling, like the Iryn or the Billie.

How can you mix n’ match the pieces in Ashley Zaba’s Collection with things already in your closet? 
Wear the trend animal print heels or flats you purchased this season to give flair to her skinny jeans or her LWD.

What other pieces at parker+paige go well with Ashley Zaba’s A/W 2011 line? 

  • Grace Bracelet ($119)
  • San Michele Necklace ($89) 
  • Eco Dot Necklace ($99) 
  • Teardrop Brio Earrings ($79)

  • The San Michele Necklace is dainty AND sparkly. 
  • The Eco-Dot Necklace: eco-friendly & feathers? It’s a win-win. 
  • Hoops with a twist make staple earrings no longer boring. And btw – Southwest is SO in right now, therefore Texas-sized hoops are back. 

Which 3 pieces are must-haves?

  1. Hooded jersey top ($60)
  2. Skinny jeans ($55
  3. White dress ($53)

available NOW on, online at & storenvy at And on Ashley Zaba's UsTrendy store at

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our End of Year Campaign

Our End of Year Campaign: 1 Pair of New School Shoes for each Student at the Kiberia School for Girls in Kenya

December 14, 2011 -- New York, NY

For the last 2 years, our charity partner has been Shining Hope for Communities' Kiberia School for Girls in Nairobi, Kenya, and our goal has been to provide 1 brand new school uniform, schoolbag, or school shoes for each student.  The school only has 67 students, so because of our 1 for 1 pledge to you guys (the customers!) that means we only need 67 purchases to meet our goal.

We are thrilled about the support we've received since starting parker+paige back in March 2010, and would like to thank the following people for supporting our new business with a purchase:

  • Alice Brasette 
  • Greg Brunkhorst 
  • Sarah Delahoussaye 
  • Peg Dimitriades 
  • Carolyn Gaidis 
  • Kayla Kovacevic 
  • Paige Lemann 
  • Peter Lemann 
  • Nancy Nafe 
  • Chad Ortte 
  • Ashli Pollard 
  • Sue Pruchnicki 
  • Suma Sangisetty 
  • Sue Wiest
  • Lindsay Weller 

But almost 2 years later, we're still less than halfway there.  

The good news is with 28 purchases under our belt, we've got 28 new pairs of school shoes for the students at the Kiberia School for Girls for them to start the new school year with - perfect timing because the school year in Kenya starts in January, which is right around the corner!  

Now, because we feel it's so important for each & every girl at school to get something new (not just 28 out of 67), and because we're SO ready to finally meet our goal, we're inviting our fans to not only make a 1 for 1 purchase this holiday season, but also to donate in order to meet our goal.

That's right - for just $8 a new pair of school shoes can go to a student at the Kiberia School for Girls, just in time for the new year!

So, from now until December 31st, you can make a purchase on any of our online stores & included in your purchase is the cost of donating one brand new pair of school shoes to the students, OR you can make a monetary donation in any multiple of $8 (8, 16, 24... you get it!) and directly give without making a purchase.

To review - 

Where can you shop with us online?
  1. Well, for starters there is always our newly launched beta version of our e-commerce site:!
  2. And we are a featured seller on UsTrendy - to read all about it, click here.  Otherwise, visit us at
  3. We also host stores on Storenvy & Big Cartel.  Those websites are: &
And how else can you help us reach our goal?
  1. Email us at to find out how you can make a secure, online donation of only $8 to give a brand new pair of school shoes to a student without making a parker+paige purchase. 
We're starting the countdown today: just 39 purchases to go (or $312 in online donations)!  

39 purchases in 17 days, and every student at the Kiberia School for Girls will start the school year on the right foot with a brand new pair of shoes!

We'll be updating our blog over the next 2 weeks to let you know of our progress, and thanks in advance with helping us reach our Year-End Goal!  
Happy Holidays, the team @parkerandpaige

To learn more about the Kiberia School for Girls in Kenya, please visit their website at, or read more right here on our blog in these past posts about the amazing work happening at Shining Hope for Communities:

May 2011: parker+paige team-up with the kiberia school for girls,

January 2011: Spotlight On: Jessica Posner,

Holiday Discounts are Here!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our e-commerce Beta site is here!

Our e-commerce Beta site has launched with 4 exclusive items from Ashley Zaba’s A/W 2011 Collection, 6 NEW items from BelleStyle, and 9 items from Suzanne Lay’s Resortwear Collection.

And that's not all!  12 of these 19 new pieces featured on the launch of our e-commerce site are UNDER $100, making them easy on your wallets & perfect for the holiday season!

Ashley Zaba
  1. Arabian Nights Kimono Sleeve Dress, $114
  2. Bedouin Traveller Hooded Top, $60
  3. Showstopper High-Waist Knee-Length Skirt, $75
  4. Summer Romance Fitted Pencil Skirt, $70

  1. Hot Chip Mixed Chain Bracelet, $89
  2. Brooke Triple-Layered Chain Bracelet, $79
  3. Floyd Gold Dangle Earrings, $89
  4. Iryn Boho-Chic Clear Crystal Bracelet, $89
  5. Marylyn Boho-Chic Feathered Bracelet, $89
  6. Anchor Gold Brass Chain Linear Drop Earrings, $69

Suzanne Lay 
  1. Stranded Strapless Bodysuit, $138
  2. Misty Cross-Over Knit Maxi Skirt, $150
  3. Suzanne V-Neck Maxi Dress, $242
  4. Susannah Halter Maxi Dress, $221
  5. Heather Open Back Tank Top, $69
  6. Debbie Split-Seam Pant, $104
  7. Sherry Draped Knit Tank, $81
  8. Nicole Draped Front Skirt, $102
  9. Alecia Asymmetrical One-Shoulder Dress, $81

Visit to check out the rest of our 80+ piece inventory, and start shopping today!