Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Accessories: The Perfect Gift This Season

Each year when the holiday season rolls around, we all know certain things will most likely come with it -
over-eating, too many holiday parties to juggle, the radio station that turns into all Christmas music all the time, eggnog, every ballet company across the country churning out their adaption of The Nutcracker, and for everyone from your doorman to the dry cleaners that delivers to your building there's the obligatory annual tipping - but, what happens when an envelope of cash isn't appropriate for expressing your thanks? What happens when you actually have to give something that isn't a gift card??
We've all experienced the dread & the consummate headache(s) that come with trying to shop for the person that has "everything they need", or is just "impossible to shop for".

Well, at parker+paige, we've got you covered with an array of accessories that don't need to be tried on, don't have to be sized, are a step above the cash/gift card option, and are way more fun than new socks in your stocking or 1 more pair of gloves you know you'll just lose.
Plus, all items you purchase directly from us are returnable within 30 days of purchase for return or exchange, and some can even be gift-wrapped to save you the hassle!

They are jewelry pieces from BelleStyle, handbags from Marla Cielo, and neckties from White Horse Trading Co.
Rugged Ollcloth Bow Tie

Under $100
  1. AngelWing Dark Vintage Stone Necklace, $89
  2. Rugged OIlcloth Bow Tie in Tan, $70
  3. Hand-Painted Canvas Smartphone/iPhone Case - Summer Plaid, $60
  4. Rugged OIlcloth Tie in Country Plaid, $80
  5. Teardrop Brio Silver Hoop Earrings, $71.10

Under $50
  1. Sweet Metal Tassel Earrings, $22.50
  2. Mini Butterfly Sterling Silver Necklace, $36.90
  3. Lightning Bolt Sterling Silver Charm Necklace, $40.50
  4. AngelCraz Black Leather Braided Necklace, $44.10
  5. Vintage Coin Mixed Metal Necklace
  6. Ripple Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings, $40.50

  1. Starlight Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver Earrings, $36
  2. Sydney Eco-Friendly Mixed Metal Earrings, $40.50
  3. Haute Eco-Friendly Hoop Earrings, $71.10
  4. Vintage Coin Mixed Metal Necklace, $99
  5. Robert Sterling Silver Linear Drop Earrings, $36

Don't forget there's:
  • FREE gift-wrapping on ALL Marla Cielo items.
  • Next-day shipping available on ALL Marla Cielo products.
  • 30-day exchange/return policy for ALL BelleStyle jewelry.
  • FREE lifetime repairs on ALL BelleStyle Bijoux pieces.
  • 10% off your TOTAL purchase order from White Horse Trading Co. when you enter code: whitehorseexaminer at checkout.
  • FREE shipping from our Big Cartel store when you spend $100 or more - use code: FREESHIP11 at checkout. 

xo xo, the team @parkerandpaige

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Business Saturday

Tired of shopping online?  Urge your local boutiques to shop the lines you love! Then, support those local boutiques on November 26th at Small Business Saturday (sponsored by American Express).  You'll walk away with pieces from your favorite line, and they'll appreciate having your business.
See? Everyone wins when we support each other.

Not a professional of the fashion industry? It doesn't matter. If you are a paying customer, your opinion is the only one that counts. And store owners will keep the brands you want in order to keep your business. So, if your favorite area retailer is asking you to shop local on Small Business Saturday to shop your support of area retailers, tell them to carry a local designer, emerging brand, or source their materials from inside the country - because it's not truly local, if it's not stamped: MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Tell your friends to join the movement! Have them 'like' Small Business Saturday on Facebook to help get the word out. Then write into your favorite local haunt with the name of an indie designer you love to wear. Tell them if they want you to shop local, then you want them to source local!

Our designers are based in the following different cities nationwide:

If you live where they do, then they will personally be delivering orders to the stores near you, including:

Chances are, you'll get to meet the designer in-person at a boutique-sponsored trunk show or local designer fashion show once their clothes are on the floor at your favorite store. 

Our designers have flexible terms, and quick turn-around times. If you are a boutique owner or retail buyer, and would like to hear more about our designers' perks, things like - 
  • credits back: anytime, anyplace;
  • FREE lifetime repairs;
  • and more!

Several of our current designers wholesale catalogs are also available on ISSUU.com - Check them out today, and vote for your favorite collection at www.issuu.com/parkerandpaige.
New photos have just been uploaded to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/parkerandpaige, including Red Doll by TM's A/W 2011 Collection, and Ashley Zaba's S/S 2012 Collection.

If you have any questions about a piece that isn't depicted there, or you would like to pre-order from either one of these collections, please give us a call at 1.504.875.1544; we'd be happy to accommodate you.

To make an appointment with us during NY Market or NYFW this coming January & February 2012, please call 1.212.337.1913, and leave a voice-mail for Paige Lemann. 

And thank you for supporting this small business today, by reading our blog. 
xo xo, the team @parkerandpaige

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All the excitement surrounding Suzanne Lay's Resortwear Collection

What's so exciting about Suzanne Lay's Resortwear Collection?  Well, we've got 5 of the highlights below -

1. The Criss-Cross Tank

Here at parker+paige, we believe that an open back is always sexy. Cue Suzanne Lay's Criss-Cross Tank for Spring. 

The sleeveless, scoop neck tank first received attention in the Summer of 2011 in black when Post-Dispatch Fashion Editor, Debra Bass, took notice of an Etsy sale Lay did to raise money for Joplin, MO after a sweep of tornadoes shocked the tiny little town. 

Now, set for the sunny hues of Spring, it appears again in Lay's Resortwear Collection in a soft, yellow gold.

2. Her floral print

The September Issue of Harper's Bazaar declared,
"Don't discard your floral fantasies just yet, this season the trend continues with a high-octane dose of flower power."   
In Marie Claire's Spring 2012 Trend Alert they echoed the sentiment,

"Everything's coming up roses (and daffodils, and orchids, and daisies) for Spring 2012 — head to toe floral prints are all over the runways."

Take it from the big dawgs, florals are in for Spring, and Lay has chosen a goregous print full of palm tree greens, sunny yellows, and rasberry reds.

She's saved it for an asymmetrical cut, one-shoulder blouse with tie closure, and a halter top maxi, featuring a cross-over skirt with a sexy, thigh-high side slit.

But for a limited time only, you can special order it from parker+paige in her v-neck maxi dress, and her one-shoulder dress!

3. The Halter Maxi

Our Editors' favorite was the standout piece she closed her S/S2012 Runway Show with at St. Charles Fashion Week.

The halter maxi dress in floral was paired with feather earrings, a thick brown belt buckled at the waist, and closed-toe platform wedges. 

Proving that the Taylor Swift-inspired collection of country trailers & vintage cowboy boots can quickly be transformed to city-chic by just adding a few, trendy accessories.

4. Cohesive Separates

Leave it to Suzanne Lay to create completely cohesive separates that photograph like a slinky, form-fitting dress, and then quickly pull apart to give extra options in your closet for mixing & matching when you feel spontaneous.

It's carefully done by pairing a draped tank with a draped front skirt both cut from Veneccia knit in a brillant magenta that will have you salivating for Spring.

5. Her Pale Pink

For her last shade of Spring, Lay chose an Amaranth / Carnation / Lavender pink in ITY Knit - a stretch knit jersey, that's super comfy on!

It's sturdy, durable materials make each piece machine washable, yet it's great for the fitted pieces in her Resortwear Collection because it's very form-flattering as well.

Shown at Streetscape: St. Charles FW in her asymmetrical tie top, pleated pant, and draped v-neck maxi dress, it's also available on our UsTrendy store in the halter v-neck maxi dress, the assymetrical one shoulder dress, draped jacket, 3-quarter length sleeve dress, asymmetrical draped one sleeve tie top, shirred legging, and tulip cross-over pant.

6 pieces from her Resortwear Collection are already available at our UsTrendy store (http://www.ustrendy.com/parker-paige), and the last 9 will be appearing over the next few days.  So check back early & check back often, because this is one collection you do not want to miss!

Suzanne Lay Resortwear Collection

Suzanne Lay Resortwear Collection

Milifashion long coat
$169 - senseofashion.com

Brown pants
$104 - ustrendy.com

$109 - ustrendy.com

Nine West af1 shoes
$80 - zappos.com

Angel Jackson clutch handbag
£254 - farfetch.com

Ollie Nic genuine leather handbag
£75 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Yellow jewelry
$69 - ustrendy.com

Brown jewelry
$49 - ustrendy.com

Multi Tunic - Alaina Asymmetrical Draped Top by | UsTrendy

Dear Diary: November 13, 2011

Last night, while tossing and turning, trying to find sleep - that sleep we all comfort and crave so fervently - I had a moment of clarity. True it could have been a Jerry Maguire moment of insanity, but nevertheless it felt good to come to a few key realizations & even better that I was getting all my thoughts out, quickly spewing out my thoughts - without thinking or hesitation - into my diary.

And 10 pages of writing, can probably be summarized into 10 simple points:
  1. The future is uncertain. You can't plan every step of your life.
  2. There is a period in everyone's life when they do have to prove themselves, but this can also be an opportunity to show your greatness.
  3. If you want to be seen as something - trustworthy, honest, dependable, etc. - than your actions, not just your words, have to show that you are just that.
  4. It's never worth it to lie; it will always come back to haunt you. The truth always comes out.
  5. To keep a good relationship in your life, you have to work at it.
  6. Surround yourself with the people that support you, people that are uplifting, not people who try to limit or define you.
  7. Life isn't going to go exactly the way you planned, it won't be exactly what you imagined; God's plan is ultimately the only plan that will work, no matter how hard you try to get everything to go your way.
  8. Everyone makes mistakes, and you are not the only one who isn't where they thought they would be at their particular age.
  9. Life's simple solutions to being happier & steps to becoming successful are easier said than done.
  10. You can only be successful being yourself. Don't focus on others success, or constantly compare yourself to others, because all you can be good at it being you.
The simple steps to being happier or becoming a great success are hard to do, and you need to be reminded of them often. While they may be simple in philosophy, there are several, and in order to put each one into practice, they need to be repeated each day with every action you do.

They are as follows (in no particular order):
  • Be honest; always speak the truth.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Listen 90%, and speak 10%.
  • What you put into something is what you will get out of it, or how much you put into something is how much you will get out of it.
  • How you treat others is how you will eventually be treated, and then energy you put out into the world will eventually come back to you at some point in time.
  • Don't burn bridges; you never know when you will need to cross one.
  • Don't say things in anger, because they are things you will most likely regret having said.
  • Being mean or hateful never pays off.
  • Never speak ill of anyone, even if you think they deserve it. Judgement is not your role for everyone will be judged in the end.
  • There's no way to get out of the hard work that has to be done in order to be a success. Every day you must get up & go to work; hustle.
  • Play fair; cheaters never prosper.
  • Don't be on time, be early; making others wait sends the signal you don't value their time as much as your own.
  • Show-up. Show-up early, show-up often.
  • Do what you say you're going to do; be where you say you're going to be, when you say you're going to be there.
  • Never make a promise you can't keep. Only promise things you can deliver - deliver with excellent standards, and deliver on time.
  • Only accept excellence from yourself, and demand excellence from those around you.
  • Always do the right thing - that's usually the hardest thing to do.
  • If you have to ask yourself, than it's probably not a good idea.
  • Holding onto something, like hurt, anger, or a grudge, will affect the rest of your life in a negative way, letting go of that negative energy is the only way to move forward in a positive direction.
  • Your past, what's happened to you in the past, does not determine your future. How you see yourself is how you will become; what you see for yourself is what you will end-up being.
None of those things are things I have mastered... yet, but being able to see them all clearly, and knowing the truth in each one of them helped me to fall asleep last night.



Friday, November 11, 2011

1 Dress Styled 3 Ways

Have a ton of holiday parties coming up?

Even if inivtations haven't started filling up your inbox, you know they're coming.

And how can YOU get through the season without buying a new party dress for each occassion?

Simple: Choose accessories that make simple separates, or your standard LBD, suddenly appear... different.

Take the LBD, or your favorite 'little black dress', it can be:
  1. preppy,
  2. rock n' roll, or
  3. chic
All depending on how you accessorize it. Just look at our 2 examples below:

Happy shopping! xo xo, the team @parkerandpaige.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

parker+paige announce their newest designer: Ashley Zaba

Monday, November 7, 2011 -- New York, NY

parker+paige is very pleased to announce the latest addition to their 2011-2012 designer roster: Ashley Zaba.

An already accomplished designer, Ashley Zaba first stepped onto the fashion scene in May 2008 debuting her collection at OTTAWA Fashion Week in Ontario, CA.

This year, Zaba branched out, taking her designs to Boston Fashion Week: Emerging Trends 2011 in September, then south to Miami, FL for the eMerge 2011 TRADESHOW.

Now poised to take over the U.S. Zaba has designated parker+paige CEO, Paige Lemann, as her East Coast Sales Rep & the company will also start selling her designs online later this month on Storenvy & the company’s beta site hosted by Big Cartel.

The Ashley Zaba Collection includes Women’s Contemporary RTW & Swimwear. The label is a mixture of the sophisticated style of the decades past, along with her own personal flair. All designs are original with consideration paid to top quality fabrics from various cities and countries; also attention is paid to the construction and detail in all the pieces.

Zaba’s A/W2011 Line is a 20-piece collection featuring dresses with a high-waist, tulip skirts with pocket detailing, and a palette of navy blues & mustard yellows made from the organic rayon Lyocell. Keyhole backs, cardigan sweaters, batwing sleeves, and cowl necks also make an appearance in the collection.

Ashley Zaba has been featured in Blast Magazine, Looks Magazine, and NOW Magazine, receiving lavish praise for the pieces in her swimwear collection.

“Her clothes are made for a confident girl who enjoys playing with fashion,” says fashion blogger Lady of Mayhem – and we couldn’t agree more.
Ashley Zaba’s collection can be found in boutiques throughout Canada and online shopping internationally.

Currently, she is carried by Forsya Boutique in Vancouver, and on USTrendy.com – also in Canada. For wholesale inquiries in the U.S. please contact Paige Lemann at 504.875.1544 or email paige@parkerandpaige.com.

Zaba is the 6th collection this year to be signed by parker+paige’s CEO, Paige Lemann, joining ranks of:
  1. BelleStyle Bijoux
  2. Marla Cielo
  3. Nire`
  4. Suzanne Lay
  5. White Horse Trading Co.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

White Horse Trading Co. gets a Shout Out in TheShowt.com

This morning, our newest designer, White Horse Trading Co. was featured in the Thursday edition of TheShowt.com, an online publication for the gay sophisticate. A teaser of the article is below, for full content, please visit http://www.theshowt.com/articles/detail/a_clint_eastwood_moment_around_your_neck.


A Clint Eastwood Moment, Around Your Neck

If “Brokeback Mountain” didn’t inspire you to wrangle cattle (and a few brooding cowboys), and you haven’t yet visited NYC’s newest gay bar Flaming Saddles, wake up….cowboy-chic is here to stay! So saddle up and meet the perfect amigo for anyone looking to infuse a bit of the cowboy dream into his wardrobe…White Horse Trading Co.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BelleStyle receives a write-up in St. Louis Magazine!

Stylish Subtleties: Heather Korn, BelleStyle Jewelry - St. Louis Magazine - October 2011 - St. Louis, Missouri

On her fashion blog, Heather Korn writes, “Everyone has a story.” Hers is one that stretches from St. Louis to Europe to Hollywood and back. In 2003, after a trip to Italy, Korn launched BelleStyle, a jewelry line using only sustainable materials. She soon moved to the West Coast, where her wares were embraced by celebs like Paris Hilton, Shannon Elizabeth, and Britney Spears. Today, Korn designs each piece using antique materials. (Sold locally at Klutch, Charm Boutique, and Byrd, the brand donates 35 percent of each sale to nonprofit Nest.) The real story, though, is in the details.

This article appears in the October 2011 issue of St. Louis Magazine.  To continue reading, please visit http://www.stlmag.com/St-Louis-Magazine/October-2011/Stylish-Subtleties-Heather-Korn-BelleStyle-Jewelry/.