Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marla Cielo handbags are now available at Parker AND Paige!

Marla Cielo handbags are the hottest new accessory for spring, and they are now available on the storefront app of our Facebook fan page at  That’s right!  We’ve got 2 of her wristlets & 2 of her wallets – complete with pics on our photos tab – and right now, they’re all at a 10% discount for our Facebook fans, as we push to hit 1,100 likes in 2011.  If you’re a member of Facebook, simply click the like tab next to our Facebook business page to receive an additional 10% of our entire inventory on our Facebook store!

Currently not a member of Facebook?  No problem.  Visit us at to shop from our collection without having to join Facebook or like our Facebook fan page.  Either way, you will be purchasing from a secure site that accepts all major credit cards.

But that’s not all!  Starting today, parker+paige is extremely excited to offer SAME DAY delivery in Manhattan on all Marla Cielo products.  You read us right!!  If you place your order between 9AM ET – 5PM ET, Monday – Friday, and you live inside Manhattan’s city limits (*outer boroughs do not apply) your purchase will be delivered to your front door before midnight that SAME DAY!  And, we’re offering SAME DAY shipping on all Marla Cielo products for anyone residing outside the city limits – yep, you’re right again!  From New Jersey – North Carolina, California – Connecticut, if you order a Marla Cielo item between 9AM ET – 5PM ET, Monday – Friday, we’ll ship it anywhere in the United States on the SAME DAY your purchase is processed.

Want to see a sample before you purchase?  Sure, we don’t blame you.  New Yorkers have 3 different options in the city:
  • Anik New York, 1122 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10028.  212.249.2417
  • Bond 07, 7 Bond Street (between Broadway & Lafayette), New York, NY 10012.  212.677.8487
  • Sohung Gallery, 312 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003.  212.228.8199

Don’t live in NYC?  Don’t give up.  Marla Cielo handbags are also available in retail locations in Coral Gables, Miami, and more!  To see a full list of locations (on and offline), please visit

Want to hear more about the handbags?  We’ve got that covered too!  Our founder, Paige Lemann, recently covered the accessories line on her Examiner column.  Below is an excerpt from that article, to read the full spread, click here:

"I’ve only owned my Marla Cielo clutch for about 2 weeks – the artist behind this awesome accessories line, Andrea Tobin, sent over some samples to see if anything might catch my eye, and when I saw this creamy canvas with its graffiti-like print in black and hot pink suede lining, I know I had found my it-bag for the season – and for the past 2 weeks, I’ve received nothing but compliments on my uber-trendy envelope clutch.  From board members at Urban Daddy to boutique owners in Dallas, no one can get over the unique artisanship of her handbags.
“The Marla Cielo brand was born from real experience and endless imagination at the exact place where art and fashion meet”, and is brought to life by artist Andrea Tobin, a 29-year-old East Village resident.  One of the goals behind Marla Cielo’s mission is to inspire creative energy in the everyday – I know my envelope clutch is beautiful enough to inspire me to take on the city streets each morning to deliver you the latest fashion and style news from NYC with enormous gusto. 
“Each bag in her collection begins as a 6 yard canvas covered entirely in bold colors, textures, and unique patterns.  Once dry and sealed with a protective coating the canvases are taken to their local manufacturer to be deconstructed, backed with luxurious suede, and woven.”  The Spring 2011 Collection includes a 5.5” x 7” Envelope Wallet, a slightly larger (5.5” x 8.5”) Wristlet, the Envelope Clutch I’ve been talking about, the Cross Body Clutch ( a 6” x 9” handbag with an extra-long braided leather strap), and the Day Tote – the mother of all tote bags, this baby’s next on my must-have list, because its mammoth-size makes it the perfect carry-on purse for all the insane travel I do. 
From just a small dream, that artist Andrea Tobin would plug away at every night, burning the midnight oil and on weekends – or in other words, when not at her day job – to her now full-time gig complete with girl-Friday-like assistant and 2 sales representatives, Marla Cielo has grown from a minute vision to a way of life for these cute and incredibly upbeat Manhattanites.  And their efforts are slowly beginning to pay-off as more and more people grasp the beauty behind this brand. 

Wondering what’s going to be done about our one for one pledge, since wallets and wristlets aren’t the same as clothes?  We understand.  For every piece you purchase from the Marla Cielo collection at parker+paige (whether on Facebook or through our Store Envy site) we will be giving one brand new school bag away to a child in need.  So, it’s still one for one – same as before.  It’s just now we’re getting to help in more ways than one! 

Happy Shopping! xo xo, the team @parkerandpaige