Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Accessories: The Perfect Gift This Season

Each year when the holiday season rolls around, we all know certain things will most likely come with it -
over-eating, too many holiday parties to juggle, the radio station that turns into all Christmas music all the time, eggnog, every ballet company across the country churning out their adaption of The Nutcracker, and for everyone from your doorman to the dry cleaners that delivers to your building there's the obligatory annual tipping - but, what happens when an envelope of cash isn't appropriate for expressing your thanks? What happens when you actually have to give something that isn't a gift card??
We've all experienced the dread & the consummate headache(s) that come with trying to shop for the person that has "everything they need", or is just "impossible to shop for".

Well, at parker+paige, we've got you covered with an array of accessories that don't need to be tried on, don't have to be sized, are a step above the cash/gift card option, and are way more fun than new socks in your stocking or 1 more pair of gloves you know you'll just lose.
Plus, all items you purchase directly from us are returnable within 30 days of purchase for return or exchange, and some can even be gift-wrapped to save you the hassle!

They are jewelry pieces from BelleStyle, handbags from Marla Cielo, and neckties from White Horse Trading Co.
Rugged Ollcloth Bow Tie

Under $100
  1. AngelWing Dark Vintage Stone Necklace, $89
  2. Rugged OIlcloth Bow Tie in Tan, $70
  3. Hand-Painted Canvas Smartphone/iPhone Case - Summer Plaid, $60
  4. Rugged OIlcloth Tie in Country Plaid, $80
  5. Teardrop Brio Silver Hoop Earrings, $71.10

Under $50
  1. Sweet Metal Tassel Earrings, $22.50
  2. Mini Butterfly Sterling Silver Necklace, $36.90
  3. Lightning Bolt Sterling Silver Charm Necklace, $40.50
  4. AngelCraz Black Leather Braided Necklace, $44.10
  5. Vintage Coin Mixed Metal Necklace
  6. Ripple Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings, $40.50

  1. Starlight Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver Earrings, $36
  2. Sydney Eco-Friendly Mixed Metal Earrings, $40.50
  3. Haute Eco-Friendly Hoop Earrings, $71.10
  4. Vintage Coin Mixed Metal Necklace, $99
  5. Robert Sterling Silver Linear Drop Earrings, $36

Don't forget there's:
  • FREE gift-wrapping on ALL Marla Cielo items.
  • Next-day shipping available on ALL Marla Cielo products.
  • 30-day exchange/return policy for ALL BelleStyle jewelry.
  • FREE lifetime repairs on ALL BelleStyle Bijoux pieces.
  • 10% off your TOTAL purchase order from White Horse Trading Co. when you enter code: whitehorseexaminer at checkout.
  • FREE shipping from our Big Cartel store when you spend $100 or more - use code: FREESHIP11 at checkout. 

xo xo, the team @parkerandpaige

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