Thursday, October 13, 2011

White Horse Trading Co. Heads to Houston!

Houston's newest menswear boutique, opening this fall, has announced they will be carrying White Horse Trading Co.! 

Not even open to the public yet, the Class Room has already created quite the buzz via its style-savvy blog, which has made locals believe that the "hip" in hipster has finally landed in Houston. 

Read all the dets about the stores proud announcement to carry our utilitarian neckties below -- 

"The Class Room is proud to present White Horse Trading Co. Hailing from the Land of Love, (that’s Loveland, Colorado to be exact) these ties are definitely made with a whole lot of love and one can see that with the time, dedication and effort put into each and every tie which is cut, sewn, finished, and packaged every step of the way in the good ‘ol U.S. of A (that rhymed). Handcrafted from utilitarian materials such as heavy-duty duck cloth, jean-weight denim, Italian linen and repurposed, 100% wool Pendleton blankets the co.’s ties are a great way to add some character and personal style to any outfit. Each tie has a squared bottom, slim 2″ width, and leather tie catch in the back. We are very excited to introduce these amazing ties to the Houston area. Stay tuned because quantities are limited, especially in the Serape Blanket Tie (pictured above)....
...From first glance, it’s not hard to see that White Horse Trading Co. is heavily influenced by the American west, the masculine beauty of Navajo art/jewelry and the tradition of American heritage brands like Filson and Pendleton. With the aesthetics of Ralph Lauren and the swagger of Dwight Yoakam, White Horse Trading Co. has one simple belief: quality goods can and ought to be made in the USA. The company takes great pride in American ingenuity and craftsmanship. To that end, all of their wears are bench-made by American artisans with decades of experience (sidenote: Ryan Martin, the owner, is the son of a 5th generation seamstress). White Horse Trading Co.’s wears age gracefully and gain character with every use. Satisfaction guaranteed. In essence, this is Ryan’s humble approach to restoring pride in a label that reads “Made in the USA” and as Americans we cannot be any more proud.
From the boardroom to the hunting fields, from a finely tailored suit to a vintage bomber jacket and boots, their ties will complete your look and make a statement without being fussy.
If you’re still skeptical I urge you to stay tuned (I know I already said that) with details of our store opening so you can see the goods first hand. Till then…"
Stay classy my friends,
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