Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bridal Envy

Feeling the sadness of post-bridal depression?

Don't let the fact that you've already had your perfect wedding day make you feel left out from all the bridal celebrations coming up this Spring.

If you're surrounded by snow, feeling the purity of white all around you, as you overhear passersby speak of dewy brides, and it's making you feel a tad nostalgic that you're big day has come and gone??

We've got you covered with over 10 different pieces, going from the purest ivory white to the silkiest creme, and all the while, keeping you in a festive mood long after the holidays are over.

Below is a random sample of just 7 of these dresses (not including the 3-quarter length eyelet dress by Nire` pictured to the left), all 7 are from the Red Doll collection by Tatyana Merenyuk.

To place your order for one of the dresses pictured below, you can email us at or visit our Facebook store at  If you have any questions about sizing or prices, feel free to give us a shout on Twitter, where we're tweeting live 24/7 to be there for you.

We are a PayPal certified business, and offer 10% off to all of our Facebook Fans on every item in stock all of the time. Our current inventory includes several pieces on sale for 20% or more off their original price, and offer free shipping for most of the items on sale.

Red Doll has an average wait time of 4-6 weeks to produce a cocktail dress, and 3-4 months to hand sew a custom made gown.  Each piece is lined, and professionally surged. Tatyana Merenyuk, Designer of Red Doll, has been recognized for her designs on NBC, in the Chicago Sun Times, Time Out Chicago, Chicago Now, Chicago Magazine, Style Chicago, and Factio Magazine.  Her collection on sale at parker+paige, Red Doll by TM, was a 2009 Pick for Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion Chicago last fall as a part of Fashion Focus Chicago 2009.

NYE Resolutions START with parker+paige!

This Year's New Year's Resolutions Start with Parker AND Paige -- Whether you're starting a new diet, trying to shape-up for spring, or fashioning a makeover from the inside out, in 2011 We've got everything You Need to get Started

Sometimes all you need to kick start a new goal is a little incentive.  Jump start your new weight loss program by purchasing a fabulous new frock from parker+paige.  Hang your big splurge on the outside of your bureau drawer or an outer hook on your closet door, have the piece cover-up your full-length mirror, so you can visualize fitting in it every time you see your face in the mirror with it -- I guarantee, the image will practically taunt you into going to the gym, so you can finally take your new dress out for a spin!

If you want to shed a few pounds from the holidays, and you're going to need a workout routine and weight loss program that you may have been dreading for months, try one of these pieces below:

They're not made with any materials containing spandex, so they won't feel suction tight on your gut, or self-conscious about a figure that's still a work in progress.

If your goal is to get perfectly accentuated calves, or tone up your pre-existing 6-pack, go for the 8-pack you always thought wasn't possible, try one of these piece below:

Their spandex stretch will hug every one of your beautiful curves, and they're extra sparkles will attract looks to all the right directions.

And if your New Year's Resolution is one about making over your soul, and there is no 'Pismo Beach Disaster Relief' in sight for you to chair over, fear not!  Just by purchasing a parker+paige piece, you'll be helping 1 MORE child in need.  And we'll have some exciting opportunities for you to get involved in our clothing donation drops in 2011!

In the meantime, you can sport a parker+paige piece with pride made by any one of the following collections:
  • AUDEY by Jess Audey
  • Exquisite Corpse by Michael Drummond
  • Evil Kitty by Lidia W.
  • J by J by Jerell Scott
  • LK by Laura Kathleen
  • Nire` by Erin Tufts & Cassie Conrad
  • Red Doll by Tatyana Merenyuk
  • Suzanne Lay by Suzanne Scott Lay
Good Luck! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reminder: Designer Deadline Approaching!

Reminder: Designer Deadline Approaching for D.C. Fashion Week

Click here to download your application today!

Participants pay $500 when they register before January 1st, and $600 when they wait to register until after the 1st of the year.  So, get a head start on your 2011 calendar of events, and save yourself $100 in the meantime.

Glynn Jackson, DC Fashion Week

What: DC Fashion Week
When: February 21 - 27, 2011
Where: International Couture Collections are at the Embassy of France
Address: 4101 Reservoir Road, Washington, D.C.
How Much: $150 VIP Admission; $60 General Admission

Past Press
SHY Magazine:
Washington Life Magazine:
ABC News, Washington:

Current Press Sponsors: SHY Magazine, Council Magazine, the Washington Times, and Fashion Icons. 
Current Sponsors Include: Cirque du Soleil, Aveda, AARP, Equinox Fitness Clubs, and Smartwater.

Appropriate Football Attire for Your Bowl Game

Appropriate Football Attire for Your Bowl Game -- & Just in Time for the Playoffs!

After getting all gussied up to ring in the New Year, a coach potato kind of break may be just what the doctor ordered, especially for your feet.

Although you may want to kick back and relax, many of us have a slur of additional game watching parties and New Year's Day dinners to attend.  And for that very reason, we thought we'd remind you of some parker+paige pieces that are comfy enough to kick back in while still looking stylishly fabulous.

Vacationing Over the Holidays?
Here are some simply, slinky poly blends that are perfect for traveling, because they are wrinkle-resistant!

We also have a selection of jersey dresses from, that run the gambit in adornment from metal spikes to black lace, that are easy to pair with black leggings or opaque tights to keep your legs warm on the off-chance another blizzard strikes.

If your current pair of jeggings has proven to be uncomfortably tight over the holidays try these shirred denim trousers; they can come gathered at the ankle or cropped and hemmed at mid-calf.  And for even more comfort to really be able to stretch out on the couch, try these shirred hem leggings in black, or these tan leggings tapered at the ankle.

All 3 are available in a women's size small (4-6), and can be shipped out today! OR you can pre-order than in the size and color you want -- so long as your event calendar can afford the 3 week wait.

And if the only thing you can think of after the blustery winter storm this weekend is bundling up and attempting to get cozy by a fire (or at the very least, pretend as if you could), then sweaters like the Lou and the Ursula may become your new BFF after all our system's were shocked by the severity of this past weekend's blizzard.

Although it's visually sheer, appearances can often be deceiving, for the Lou is one of the warmest sweaters I've ever been in.  Hand knit from plastic this stretch cowl neck, long sleeve sweater insulates you as if you had been wrapped in saran wrap without the discomfort that comes with engulfing your torso in a product used to preserve grocery items in your kitchen.

And, unlike tightly ribbed sweaters, which also happen to be circa My So Called Life, this turtleneck comfortably drapes your form loosely, coming in tighter only where it's ribbed; with banded cuffs at the ankles and waist.

Another hand woven knit, the Ursula, comes in a wooly material that's quite fitting for the sweater's bat wing sleeves.  With yards of beautifully delicate fabric to spare, use the ends to wrap an extra layer of added warmth around you this winter (and make your man build a fire during halftime!).

An limited edition piece from the J by J capsule collection made exclusively for parker+paige, and a structured turtleneck from the Exquisite Corpse, the 2 most interesting sweaters this Autumn/Winter come from our Project Runway Alumni: Contestants Jerell Scott (Season 5 on Bravo), and Michael Drummond (Season 8 on Lifetime).

Pieces from these rising stars can take 4-6 weeks to produce, but at least you'll be comforted knowing that your hand made creation is being made right next to a garment being produced for celebrities like Christina Milian and Heidi Klum.

So there you go, from suitable separates, to comfortable jersey dresses, to snuggly sweaters, we've got you covered to survive game day despite the elements outdoors.

Natalie Portman is Engaged!

Natalie Portman is engaged! 

And you should know what's coming next -- That's right!  It's the great debate over which details she'll choose for her big day.  And with talk of which dresses may drape best on Portman's thin frame, we thought we'd take this opportunity to highlight which of our emerging designers are working on Bridal Collections of their own.


While our designers mavy not boast the same kind of selection that David's Bridal does, I've got an ingenious thought for you this season:  How about rooting for the underdog, and experiencing your own private fittings from begin to end?

And I don't mean when the dress comes in from being ordered out of a catalog, but from the moment the fabric is unrolled it's being draped on you, like you're the model being paraded out in front of Valentino.

In fact, Jess Audey's pushed her repertoire even further to include bridesmaids dresses.  By cleverly mixing and matching her ladylike cocktail dresses with satin fabrics and romantic touches, she's been able to design dresses that are perfect for your ladies in waiting, because they are playful, yet demure. Take the light blue tulle skirt put underneath a few of her pieces, like the dress pictured to the right -- By doing this, she's given the overall look that added "umph", that makes your eye pop at the under skirt's contrastingly bright color, and then it's playful skirt grabs your attention before you've had a chance to look away.

Make not only your gown, but your entire bridal party a signature collection, that's all your own.

Choose from any of her spring pallets pictured, or mix a fabric from her explosive set of patterns and match it with a deeper hue in solid satin, like in this bridal party captured below to the right.

Pair a sweetheart, square or halter-neck top with peg, a-line, or full skirts on bottom, OR let your bridesmaids pick the cuts that flatter their frame best.
It will help them feel like they've been a part of the decision making without bickering amongst themselves on what the ultimate pick shall be, and you'll hold that extra card in your pocket the entire time, knowing it was you who made the decision long ago.

Bridesmaids dresses from Jess Audey are never more than $300 a piece (typically they run about $225), and bridal gowns from AUDEY are not much more; the designer has views about keeping her collection viable to her audience all the way down to its price tag; a principle that should be applauded during the economy we've all been suffering under lately.

LK's line is a tad more steep in regards to its prices, but what you are truly paying for is the quality.

The finest raw silks, crepe satins, and Georgette chiffons.  Straight hems and even stitching, everything lined with complimentary colored cotton, silk, or satin fabric, professionally surged -- even backstage at one of her shows, when other designers are ripping things apart, and sewing things back together directly on their models, each piece can pass a meticulous inspection.

She's tasteful, she's classy, and she knows what goes into a professionally made piece, so even if you're not in love with the cap sleeve debut to her bridal collection, like we are, Laura Kathleen can help you design the dress of your dreams.

Email us to learn how you can start picking out the details of your own big day, as we watch stars like Natalie Portman plan their weddings as well.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An After Christmas Sales Event!

What We're Doing for Our Very Own Post-Christmas Sales Celebration -- 
From Now through the End of the Year, We've Got:

Cotton dresses, like the Sweetie (above left) & the Cutie (above right) from AUDEY, a Chicago-based womens wear clothing line from Jess Audey, are on sale for up to 20% off + FREE SHIPPING for everyone shopping on Facebook all the time!!

Dresses, like the 2 pictured above, can come in a large selection of patterns - all pictured in the albums posted on our Facebook Page in sizes 2-14, and ship within 3-4 weeks of your order.

Remember, AUDEY sizes run small!  We recommend ordering one size larger than you normally would.

Jess takes her adorable spin on a cotton day dress that's perfect for the country club, and adds feminine twists that flatter each woman's frame individually.  That's why, her dresses are perfect for bridal parties too!  Get all your bridesmaids' dresses from not only the same place, but have them all sewn by the same person off your exact measurements!  Mix and match shades and patterns, then let your bridesmaids choose the style that is most flattering on them, and viola!  You have a bridal party that looks unique, yet romantic.  (And happy to boot!)

Swanky sweater dresses from Evil Kitty + an array of vests from Suzanne Lay!

Both Evil Kitty's sweater dress pictured above left (Siamese, $78), and her asymmetrical long sleeve dress pictured right, that's draped slightly off one shoulder with a satin trim (Bombay, $68), are less than $80 a piece, come in sizes S-XL (small to x-large), and ship out within 1 month of ordering.

Vests like the black patent stretch one pictured above, as well as the zipper vest pictured right are a part of the Suzanne Lay Sample Sale that is happening online right now!

Each come in a sample size small (ladies size 4-6), and can be shipped within just 1 week of your order.  But you better hurry!  There is only 1 left, that's available now, in each piece.  All other orders and/or sizes will take 3-4 weeks to process.

Both Evil Kitty & Suzanne Lay are Midwest-based designers, who still manufacture their pieces here in the United States.

Girlish party dresses from Red Doll by TM like the 2 pictured above, are a just a small example of the extensive list of cocktail dresses, mini skirts, and formal gowns that we can order from Red Doll in Chicago, and have custom-made to your exact specifications.

So, if white truly is the new black this winter, you are in luck!  Because they are just 2 of over 5 different dresses from Red Doll available in shades of white, from cream to natural to ivory, to get you outfitted in your perfect shade of winter white this season!

Simpler styles, such as the cap sleeve dress (pictured above right) made in broadcloth cotton, ship within 3-4 weeks of your order.

More intricate pieces, like a Georgette chiffon cocktail dress, such as the one pictured left, can take up to 6 weeks to ship.

And hand-sewn pieces that require in-person appointments for custom fittings (typically floor-length gowns only) can take 3-4 months to complete, so get a head start & order yours today!

Cinched jersey dresses in more neutral, darker tones like the lilac lavender one pictured above (top left) from Suzanne Lay and the navy blue one pictured above (top right) by the girls from Nire` are over 20% off with FREE SHIPPING for everyone + an additional 10% off for our Facebook Fans, shopping online from our Facebook Store at:

Making dresses like the Ava (left pictured in lilac lavender) go from $126 to just $113.40, and the Londyn (right pictured in navy blue) drop from $144 to only $129.60.

Both Nire` and Suzanne Lay's pieces come in sizes XS-L (x-small to large).  Please see their specific size chart guidelines if you have any further questions, or email us with your inquiry here.

Happy Holidays! 
xo xo, the team @parkerandpaige