Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't You Just Love New York in the Fall?

It's not just New York, but everywhere - when that first fall breeze rushes through D.C. and the leaves in northern Virginia begin to change, the first chilly night in Tiger Stadium when the boys still manage to pull in a win even though most of the fans teeth are chattering from the cold....

For most, fall is almost upon us, and just like New Year's Eve you can feel the electricity on the streets of NYC.  It's like public knowledge - that no one speaks of - the fact that fashion week is almost here.  And for smaller cities, where fittingly, smaller size fashion weeks have been popping up, the spark has been catching ablaze.

Take - St. Louis, for instance, whose Project: Design! Competition established itself a cult following, (and where cult designers from Brooklyn to London USED to showcase their collections - emphasis on the USED TO). 

Although no heavy-hitters are hitting the runways of the midwest amidst the current recession, the competition that helps scout out the hottest local design talent IS still underway, and we've got the heavy on the top 6 finalists this fall - 

In alphabetical order - 
1) Blue Bird Denim www.bluebirddenim.com
Blue Bird Denim was founded with the vision of creating garments that will live forever through the fads of time. Striving to create timeless items with intricate details and classic, yet updated cuts with a tailor's touch. Blue Bird Denim is always sexy, always wearable, and always unique. Everything is made in the sexy U.S.A. and the exclusivity of the garments come in the form of limited edition apparel that is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The vision is a world where quality wins over quantity.

2) Cavortress www.cavortress.com
Cavortress can be classified as proper not prim, ladylike yet licentious, refined and renegade- fashionably suited for the punk rock-love child, rockabilly-hipster, urban debutante. Designs are a cross-pollination of 1940’s-1980’s fashions that bloom every Spring and Summer as impetuously darling and daringly modern fashions for girls who love to be girls. Each piece is created using at least 80% vintage and/or deadstock fabric making the Cavortress collection eco-friendly and limited edition. The collection incorporates vintage silks, rayons, denims, lycra/spandex, studs, contrasting zippers, unique textures, as well as classic and fun colors. Cavortress pays close attention to detail and offers cuts that are friendly to a variety of female figures. Everything is made with charm in South Carolina.

3) Jezebel
Jezebel tells the story of a beautiful gypsy woman exploring the exotic jungle. I was inspired by the free-spirited essence and eclectic dress of this far-roaming gypsy. I also drew inspiration from fascinating animals and the striking colors and textures seen in the jungle. These elements are captured through a collage of prints, fabrication, and silhouette of each garment. Natural feathers, an assortment of leather, and various silks were used to enhance and unify the collection. The light, airy fabrics are grounded by the strength of the trims. Jezebel embodies every woman’s sense of mystery and adventure. Each garment in this collection was created and constructed concept-to-finish by Jane Katherine Zachritz. 

4) Kristin Archibald
The human form is beautiful and remarkable in itself. It's a blank canvas, upon which fashion can embellish without disguising. For me, the body is a canvas to be drawn out and highlighted not hidden. My primary aesthetics have been layers and texture and I've been most inspired by daily life. I designed a line of silver and black vinyl jackets and dresses after traveling to Tokyo and being inspired by the extremely fashion forward looks of people of all ages. It was the first time I had seen so many young men wearing extremely low v-necks and glitter dusted jeans as a large fashion trend. After this, I started a collection of leggings, skirts, and oversized sweaters and dresses. I was inspired to create this collection after visiting Lund, Sweden, and finding a completely organic and youthful look in contrast to what I found in Japan. Most of my collections are vastly different, but it's my desire to create things that I imagine will tell a story all on their own, that keeps me going in such bold directions. Thank you for your consideration. -Kristin Archibald 

5) Roberto Mendes
Inspired by the great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, this line represents my constant pursuit of innovation and uniqueness. Exploring new silhouettes, translating elements from modern architecture into designs for fearless and confident individuals. The use of solid colors is meant to emphasize the intricate shapes accomplished by the use of different techniques. By folding the fabric around the form, I allowed myself into a whole different perspective of fashion, which led me to the creation of unexpected yet beautiful pieces. My collection is very suitable for women and men with strong attitudes, who either live as they choose or not live at all.

I always try to create a portrait of the whimsical with my designs. The pieces represented here capture the type of woman that has a little edgy downtown quality to her. It’s meant to invoke confidence and playfulness in the wearer. I strive to design pieces that are distinct and unique, yet unpretentious.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saint Louis Fashion Week is Here!

Check back for more news from Saint Louis Fashion Week as we attend their kick-off party, their meet & greet, and the annual Project: Design competition for emerging artists in the area.
We're looking forward to seeing what this year's design talent has in store for the runway!