Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Lowest of the Low

Summer Steals -- The Low 35
Get Your Summer Started Off Right With Our S/S10 Collections Priced to Move! 

Have parker+paige Carry You Stylishly Through The Season with 35 Items Under $350, 25 Items Under $250, and 15 Items Under $150!!  

And if they're not up for grabs yet, they will be soon, so visit at & or our Facebook Store to claim your summer steal today!

15 UNDER $150!
1.   $105, Plum
2.   $110, Berry
3.   $115, Catwoman
4.   $135, Halle
5.   $138, Bloom
6.   $140, Racer
7.   $140, Symmetry
8.   $145, Flounce
9.   $147, Erynn 
10.  $147, Loren
11.  $149, Londyn
12.  $150, Neon
13.  $150, Patent
14.  $150, Penelope
15.  $150, Sequins

25 UNDER $250!!
16.  $204, Garcon
17.  $220, Cutie
18.  $224, Mary Lou
19.  $228, Mary Margaret
20.  $234, Tina
21.  $238, Peggy Sue
22.  $240, Brooklynn
23.  $244, Victoria
24.  $245, Sweetie
25.  $250, Meadow

35 UNDER $350!!!
26.  $288, Daylilly

27.  $291, Palm
28.  $300, Daisy
29.  $315, Ashley
30.  $315, Oyster
31.  $324, Anne
32.  $285, Petals
33.  $340, Allison
34.  $348, Carnation
35.  $350, White Rose

    Staff Picks -- Our Top 6 Countdown
    6. Catwoman -- Shirred Leggings by Suzanne Lay

    It's becoming one hot summer for fashion's friendliest fabric - Jersey, and it never looked better.  Navigate your way through the upcoming summer months in comfy jersey separates from Suzanne Lay, that are perfect for turning the office into your own personal comfort zone.  Try the Catwoman from her Halle Berry Collection, where Lay has combined a fashionista's closet staple (the legging), with a more loose shirred trouser.  The result is these shirred leggings; a perfect pairing with like-minded separates, that make for a feminine spin on the more traditional masculinity of the power suit.  
    Test drive your new duds when your in a more conquering mood.  They'll give your appearance a relaxed look on the jobsite, that will exude a confident attitude where your fellow peers are concerned.  

    5. Tina -- A Preppy Sun Dress from AUDEY
    Come out to play in one of AUDEY's summer frocks, and you'll be ready to frolic through those lazy, hazy, crazy days we hope are coming soon! Here cotton prints are way too fun to go for a linen solid; although she does offer those too.  
    From halter to boat to collard neck this girl's got every option available for the Hampton's girl in need of a rescue.  Never you fear!  Someone has actually pondered what one should be wearing when they're not being accosted by the "wear all white" ground rules at every tennis club and croquet championship in Sag Harbor.  
    We like the Tina, because dare we say that standing alone, the name is just tacky enough for me to find it endearing?  It's frilly sleeves and modest collar are perfect for the girly tones I've been craving as the big 30 knocks silently at my door....

    4. Loren -- A Love Child Classic from Nire`
    If you're a New Yorker, and you were stuck in the city last weekend, chances are you were feeling the same gale force winds up and down 5th Avenue we were -- despite our hardest efforts to not shop online, but venture out on-foot. Next time, brave the elements of a steamy summer day that's got mind blowing winds with the Loren by Nire`.  It's light cotton eyelet will give you the breathing room necessary to bare those 90 degree days, while its lining and cut help drape the dress' shape securely south, despite winds that may blow in from any direction, just willing it to go... north of the border.
    Throw a khaki boyfriend blazer over it for the office, and you've got a dress that will transition nicely from day into night, especially if it's one of those days when the only thing you can concentrate on is getting out of your "boyfriend's blazer" (and out of your office cubicle) to bare your backside out on the street.
    With the Loren's low-scoop back it's the perfect thing to add a little heat of your own to the almost treacherous waters of that ugly first date.

    3. Meadow -- A Floral Separate by Red Doll

    Be the ripest bloom in a dewy meadow with this floral skirt from Red Doll by TM.  After running playfully threw the garden of your dreams, (ours is more like an overgrown backyard), get ready to hit the streets with the gusto of the brilliant pastels bursting out of this seriously sicking silky smooth skirt.
    Its flared A-line cut creates dainty ruffles of flare along a lengthy hem; even though the skirt falls at a dangerously frisky length on it's owner thigh - perfect for those sun-kissed stems you just brought back from South Beach.  

    2. Allison -- Tiger Pride made possible by Mrs. Lay
    Take style on the road this season with the purple hues found in Suzanne Lay's Collection, and you're sure to spark a prideful spirit from the crowd during this year's preseason.  
    If your not native to Louisiana turf, we still think punching-up the color dial on some of last Spring's more subdued hues will brighten your closet, and your attitude. 

    Take the Ashley, another purple pairing from Mrs. Lay.  It comes in a bevy of brighter colors for summer.  And, if luck would have it, purple just so happens to be your pick, think of how proud unassuming Louisianans would be of you supporting them during the recent petrochemical crisis.  

    1. Carnation -- The LWD Looking Its Summer Best by Red Doll

    Carefree days are upon us, and that means throwing some cool curve-balls into the closet mix.  For inspiration, try pitching a more girly piece from Red Doll into the normal jersey and lace packed outfits for bearing the elements that are approaching with a fun night out.  Packed full of sheer silks, gauzy organzas, and silky satins, a dress from Red Doll by TM, (like the Carnation pictured left), will help strike a more romantic note that just might balance out your wardrobe... and your love life.

    And There You Have It: The Highlight Reel from P+P Summer Steals, The Employee Edition.  Coming soon to an e-tailer near you!
    Happy Shopping,

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Everything You Need to be Summer Ready

    Fashion's 10 Biggest Players
    Summer's Trends are Sexy, Flirty, and Fun.
    Take Your Pick from Edgy to Romantic with everything from Lacey Separates to Flirty Suits at

    1. LACE
    Lace is super trendy this season.  
    Get your fill with the Anne (pictured adjacent right) by the Exquisite Corpse.

    2. Romance
    Summer is the Perfect Time to Spark a Romance. And Nothing Will Make You Feel Sexier than the Silk, Satin, and Chiffon of Red Doll's S/S10 Collection.  Try your hand at finding love in the unexpected with the Day Lilly or the Lilly (both pictured below).
    3. The LWD
    Easter Sunday Made It Official, but Let's Face It: We've All Been Waiting All Winter Long for the only Four Months of the Year (May - August to be exact) when the LBD (Little Black Dress) becomes the LWD (Little White Dress). 
    Find your favorite from 3 of our designers with the Carnation by Red Doll, the Alice by Suzanne Lay,the Daisy by Red Doll, and the Loren by Nire`.  

    4. Safari Suiting
    Khakis and Camouflage are once again trying for a Comeback. Look the part without overdoing it in the Ivy (pictured adjacent right) by Red Doll.

    5. Florals
    Florals are also Fancied for the Romantic this Summer.  Be in Bloom with the Meadow (pictured adjacent left) by Red Doll.

    6. the Playsuit
    Rompers Put Everyone in a Playful Mood. Feel Like Your Having Fun at Work in the Bald Eagle's Romper (pictured adjacent right) by LK.   
    7. Blue Notes
    Blue Hues are Showing up All Over this Spring and Summer. Find the Perfect Shade for You at parker+paige.  From midnight to cornflower we've got you covered with the Coraline (pictured below; first row, left) from J by J, Bubbles (pictured below; first row, left) by Suzanne Lay, the Blue Jay (pictured below; second row, left) by LK, and the Oyster (pictured below; second row, right) from
    the Exquisite Corpse.


    8. The Legging Trouser
    Find style and comfort in shirred leggings from Suzanne Lay, like the Catwoman from the Halle Berry Collection (pictured adjacent left).  
    A) because leggings are still a number one staple this season, and B) these digs (pictured left) will effortlessly carry you from day into night.

    9. Summer Sequins
    Summer has not done away with the sequin; at least not yet.  After all, what girl doesn't want to sparkle and shine?  Find a hint of glimmer in be-jeweled pieces from LK's S/S10 Collection, like the Purple Budgie's hem, and the Bald Eagle's Blazer.  Or secure your stay in the spotlight covered in shiny shells with the Dumbfound by  the Exquisite Corpse.  

    10. Jersey-licious
    Its not just the Reality Show that's a Hit: Jersey is the Perfect Piece for an Easy, Breezy Summer this Year.  Feel young and playful with a bamboo jersey from Nire`, or be a sexy siren in slink jersey from LK.  Either way you'll be in a loose comfy fabric that feels good on the inside and looks good on the outside.  
    Check out the Londyn, the Penelope, and the Erynn by Nire`.

    Or the Barn Owl, the Maia, and the Grey Goose by LK.

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    The Wild Side of Summer
    His sheer hand-woven knits with their lace edges and torn hems made a splash this spring, but now Drummond is coming back to show us how we can pony up to the animal in us all... just in time for summer.


    Take Trend Central's latest fashion article on spotting new trends that's all about lace (see below); Drummond had carefully constructed pieces with hand-sewn lace appliques months before Trend Central's report.
    Lace may be the hottest fabric in fashion this summer Maybe it's because we've been indulging in loop viewings of Beyoncé's latest music video in which she wears a lace bodysuit that we're crushing hard on this summer's extreme lace fashions. From lace leotards that appear to be collected from the Ice Capades' wardrobe closet to lace leggings that we pray no one mistakes for pants, lace garments are no longer reserved for the bedroom.

    Or detailing that shows a designer's wilder side, such as a raw-edge hem, which shows-up in the Exquisite Corpse seperates like Le Garcon.
    A bubble-knit mini-skirt that is so sheer it leaves its owner feeling exposed from the innate fear of being naked in public, or hand-sewn tears and raw-edge hems that exude primal violence.

    Whether you're feeling the need to spice-up your love life, or you're just looking for the type of encouragement to go out and find a summer romance, the Paige is a sure way to get his attention.
    And if hunting that boy leads to his capture... in your bed, we promise the lingerie of Jenna Leigh will not disappoint.

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    The Girls of Summer

    The Girls of Summer: How To Get Their Look
    It's Blockbuster Season in Hollywood & California has the Soundtrack to Prove It --

    From Sex & the City 2 and Iron Man 2 to Letters to Juliet and Get Him to the Greek, Summer 2010 has some Smash Hit Sequels and Unsurprising Newbies as their Box Office Blockbusters during Hollywood's Biggest Time of Year. And their Leading Ladies aren't at all Lackluster. From up & coming stars like Amanda Seyfried to Hollywood Veterans like Sarah Jessica Parker, we've got their styles covered, so that you can look just as smashing off the Red Carpet as they do on.

    Amanda Seyfried
    From a flighty appearance in Mean Girls to her musical debut in Mamma Mia, Amanda Seyfried has both caught the attention and won the approval of viewers nationwide. She began the year with a Nicholas Spark's romance in 'Dear John' and continues her passion for penmanship this summer in 'Letters to Juliet'.

    For our romantic prequel, we give you the Meadow by Red Doll and the Mary Margaret from AUDEY.  Play with your sentimental side in layers of sheer silk organza and Georgette chiffon that compromise Red Doll's S/S10 Collection, or the ruffled straps, sweetheart necklines, and preppy prints in AUDEY's spring line. 

    Try pairing either look with soft locks styled in a slightly hippie vibe - think Lauren Conrad's signature wavy curls - and you've got the makings of an innocent summer love on the way.

    Take slightly more elegant pieces from the AUDEY S/S10 Collection - like the Victoria - in account, and suddenly you have a dress that's perfectly suited for Miss Sarah Jessica Parker, or should we say Mrs. Broderick to you. ;)

    And we think any slightly less colorful piece from the Red Doll Collection, like the Magnolia or the White Rose could be the perfect ensemble to add a little fuel to the fire when the girls from "Sex" start to lose spirit mid-way through their whirlwind, worldwide tour.

    Pair any of these pieces with a sleek satin clutch, and audiences everywhere will begin buying into the sexiness of "Sex" all over again.

    Kate Perry
    Anyone notice that zipper-flanked black leggings have suddenly become all the rage? (Anyone else slightly annoyed that after throwing all caution to the wind and purchasing their own pair of black leggings that now they've gone and found a way to embellish them so that you have to purchase another pair?)
    Well for those of you wondering how to deflect attention away from this new hardware (and your uncovered rear end), we've got the Anne by the Exquisite Corpse. A strapless cami-like hand-knit tank top that boasts a hand-sewn lace trim neckline that forms delicate cap sleeves to lightly cover each shoulder.  And we know just what starlet would rock a piece like this: hit-singer Kate Perry. Her new single "California Girls" features Snoop Dogg, and is sure to be an iTunes pick for the Summer 2010.

    For Ms. Perry, we also have the Londyn by Nire`. Its pyramid of studded spikes on its lone shoulder screams Rock n' Roll, and this summer Kate Perry plays the Pop Princess as her latest album (featuring CA Girls) quickly climbs the charts.

    Wondering how the punk rock set stays edgy whilst attempting to bundle up and brave London's more dreary days? The Lou by the Exquisite Corpse would be a great pick; another Kate Perry pairing that can be worn with everything from zipper-leggings to distressed jeans to add an extra buffer from England's ghastly wind whilst staying sheer enough to turn heads even though you're all covered up.