Monday, March 29, 2010

Nire` Semi-Annual Sample Sale

parker+paige to host nire` semi-annual sample sale

it's the first ever, semi-annual sample sale, and ALL dresses from the nire` collection will be 25% off, starting this thursday, april 1st.  

that's right, we've got 4 dresses from nire's spring 2010 collection & they are ALL going to be 25% off the ENTIRE month of april.    

AND - check this out - if you shop from the nire` collection during our semi-annual sample sale, the girls from nire` are gonna get your piece shipped out in under 3 weeks!!  
which means from now until the end of april, YOU can receive a nire` original in under half the time it takes for most of our made-to-order pieces to be processed, made, and shipped to our customers.  

don't waste this limited time offer to get your hands on a nire` original from their SS10 collection.  

visit us at or at our facebook fan page's storefront to receive savings that will only open twice each year.  

and for fans, who shop on our facebook storefront, in addition to getting 25% off your favorite nire` dress, you'll receive FREE SHIPPING with your purchase!  

*offer valid through 04/30/10.  ACT NOW.

nire`is for the fashion-conscious woman, offering a high garment quality to their stylish ensembles.  designers erin tufts & cassie conrad's shared experience in the fashion industry, bring together a rockstar design aesthetic with a very precise conceptual style that gives nire` a relaxed edginess that is clearly defined in each garment.  

each nire` dress is available in sizes 2 - 8.  certain styles are available in multiple colors, such as their long-sleep, scoop back eyelet dress, which is available in both white and black.

ALL of their jersey dresses are made with 100% bamboo viscose, a natural cellulosic fiber that can naturally degrade in soil & it's pollution-free to the environment after decomposing (which makes us & mother nature very happy).

all 4 of the dresses front, back, and side images can be found on our facebook fan page, in the album 'on sale now'.  you can view them by clicking here.

and if you liked their looks from spring - GET READY!  an exclusive mini-collection from nire` for summer 2010 will be available at parker+paige in june.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sneak a Peak

check out this sneak peek from our first photo shoot for the new shop portion of our website launching later this spring at

this short video clip is the cream romper by LK. modeled by anne from CENTRO models in St. Louis, MO, and shot by the team at Corridor 40 (and Saint Louis FashionWeek) Attilio D'Agostino & Jill Manoff.

a special thanks to the "Honorary Mom" of parker+paige, Ms. Nancy Farrell Nafe for taking good care of the entire crew - from deliverying yummy snacks from Whole Foods to saving the day by recovering a missing package from FedEx, containing one of our designer's entire collection - Nancy was a lifesaver. Encompassing all the qualities we would look for in the perfect mom, she knew exactly what to do to make everything better, enhancing the entire experience. And to Bob Pitts for allowing the team at parker+paige & Corridor40 to use his studio as our set.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's Get Together

Charity Partnerships Bring Greater Relief & A Greater Chance for Success

shoes gets ready to announce upcoming shoe drop tours to a community of supporters eager to volunteer on their trips, the Uniform Project gets ready to celebrate their 1st year anniversary as Founder, Sheena Matheiken, reaches the last lap in her 365 day pledge, and in the wake of a devastating earthquake, FEED Projects quickly reacted by creating the FEED HAITI FUND, while charity: water launched the SXSW campaign with their video "unshaken" with a goal to raise $1.3 million dollars that will go directly to all 11 areas of Haiti, parker and paige considers the benefits of teaming up with other organizations for their charity efforts in 2010.

With everything from experience traveling abroad to personally impact lives, to doing their fair share of research on where there is the most need and why, to having experts on hand that can provide the numbers that show just how much their outreach efforts make a difference, to having an impressive history of launching grassroots campaigns, hosting pop-up shops, and gathering their community of supporters for events of a rock-star caliber, established non-profits & trusted organizations:
CHARITY WATER, FEED, TOMS, and the UNIFORM PROJECT have shown us exactly how the next generation of leaders plans to make a difference.

And they've ALL inspired us at
parker and paige, whilst clothing our shoppers in the latest styles, to consider clothing the less fortunate with outfits that will equip them with the means necessary to receive a public education in their home country: school uniforms.

Here at parker+paige, we've learned just what it takes to get organizations such as these off the ground - and it's not easy. But we've stuck to our pledge to continue to give a piece for a piece, because we've seen the good it can do to improve the quality of life for those living in impoverished areas & the joy it can bring to supporters who, just like us, hope to make a difference.

That's why with each purchase you make,
parker and paige is going to give a school uniform to a deserving child in need living in an impoverished community; a school uniform that is a requirement to attend public school in most of these areas, yet it's an outside cost that, often times, their families can't afford.

It's important to us, to keep our word to YOU. Like YOU, we too want to make a difference. That's why we want to team up with other organizations like us, because we believe it will bring an even greater good to the communities we're trying to help.  

PICTURE IT- we go to Argentina with uniforms we’ve purchased, that we've pledged to give away to children in need, but we're traveling with a team from TOMS, so now not only will each child receiving our donations get a new shirt & shorts (or shirt & jumper), but they'll also receive a brand new pair of SHOES - now their school uniform really is complete. 

OR we go to Malawi with our school uniforms, only this time we're traveling with
charity: water, so now the children attending a primary school (where the majority of students are AIDS orphans) are not only getting a brand new school uniform for the upcoming year, they're also getting a new drinking well - at school - where they'll have access to clean drinking WATER every day.

The possibilities are endless - with
FEED, students would get healthy MEALS provided to them at school - dressed in their new uniforms, and with how smart the girls are over at the UNIFORM PROJECT who knows what cool things we could think up to do - TOGETHER.

JOIN our efforts TODAY - find out how you can help by emailing us at, and encourage your favorite non-profit (or any of the organizations listed above to reach out to us) - with your help the future can be brighter for everyone.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Professional Dressing Power

Marco de Vincenzo & Harvey Faircloth Clothing Bring Chic, Sophisticated Separates Back on the Playing Field for the Modern Day Working Girl

In NYC, where we're based, power dressing comes with life in the fast lane - "power suit, power tie, power steering.  people can wince, beg, cry - but, eventually, they do what i want."

Simply put some stellar stems into one of Marco de Vincenzo's body-contouring dresses (made from neoprene strips fused onto stretch tulle that create the geometric patterns on the dresses you see above), and one can see why neither wincing nor crying come into play when a girl's trying to make some professional headway.  

Items from the Seattle-based Harvey Faircloth Clothing line are rather asymmetrical in contrast.  But it is with this Amish simplicity that we see how one can point the conversation towards getting the job done, and away from the fun boys would beg for from a girl dressed in Vincenzo, and sometimes when there is headway to make, having that strategy up your sleeve can definitely help. 

Rightfully so, the black wrap coat pictured above by the girls from Harvey Faircloth was featured in Martha Stewart Magazine's 2009 Christmas Wish List.  

But don't write that off as a sign that these duds can only effectively be achieved on a woman over 40; DailyCandy recently featured the girls in an article about the latest (and most promising) labels to come out of Seattle.  

While you can read this post on the DailyCandy website, by clicking here, and any savvy shopper lusting after either label who is looking for a quick fix might be able to track down where they can get their hands on either one of these designer labels today, we think both may be worth considering for our store.  

There is something to be said for looking good while you work.  Looking great gives a certain appeal to the hum-drum commute of drudging off to yet another day at the office, because, on that particular day, looking how you feel might just give you the added confidence you need to take those necessary steps that will further your career.  And even if you lose your nerve, all is not lost - both Marco de Vincenzo and Harvey Faircloth Clothing present separate but equal added bonuses to their shoppers:

  • In a number by Vincenzo, you can leave the office and head straight to the comfort of a cocktail with your girl friends, because any one of his dresses is killer enough for even the hottest of happy hours; and
  • In a piece by Harvey Faircloth, knowing 5 out of 7 days in your typical week are going to be spent inside the same cubicle you've been starring at for the last 2 years, you can shop with the satisfaction that your sensible purchase can be worn over and over again - and getting more bang for your buck in this economy is certainly nothing to cry over.  

NOW - Picture your man (or the man of your dreams) in a dress shirt like the ones pictured below, a part of the Mi Chiamo Eka collection that will soon be available at parker+paige

and pair it with the sleek, European suiting presented in both of Ebong Eka's menswear collections: Ebong Eka & Mi Chiamo Eka, and you've got a look like the one pictured left (modeled by Eka himself).

It could just be opinion, but give a parker+paige girl one of the delicious dresses by Milan's "Who's On Next?" Winner, Marco de Vincenzo, and put her on the arm of a man that looks that good, and you've got what we like to call a power couple on the rise

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Facebook Storefront Has Launched!

parker+paige's Facebook storefront has launched to allow fans of our store's page to pre-order items that will be available for purchase when our e-commerce web site launches.

from the sales on our Facebook Storefront alone, parker+paige hopes to cloth an entire primary school in malawi (350 children) for the 2011 school year with a minimum of ONE brand new school uniform per child.  help us reach that goal by shopping for a cause TODAY!

clothing is currently available from womenswear designers erin tufts & cassie conrad of Nire`, LK (laura kathleen), and michael drummond of the Exquisite Corpse.

and pretty soon will be introducing a capsule collection to the store - J by J - which was designed exclusively for parker and paige by Jerell Scott from Season 5 of Bravo's Project Runway.

but boys don't you fret!
our Facebook Storefront is currently being updated to include menswear from Mi Chiamo Eka by Ebong Eka - a hybrid of british & italian suiting, these dress shirts & pocket squares are sure to please the savvy businessman in each of you.

Facebook has given us insights into what our fans love about parker and paige, and one of the most viewed (and highest rated) sections is the photos of our clothing - checkout what is ON SALE NOW and what is COMING SOON in our fan page's photo albums, and give us your feedback on who your favorite designers are and what pieces you like best from their collections.

got an idea?  let us know!
whether you think there is a way we could improve our Facebook store, you have a general question, or you just want to learn more about our organization, YOU can email us ( directly by clicking here.

and, YOU too can join our growing community of Facebook Fans (900 and counting!), and help us carryout our mission by shopping for a cause TODAY.
login into YOUR Facebook page & search for  "parker+paige" in the Facebook directory, or click on this link NOW -

photos for parker and paige's Facebook storefront (and content for our e-commerce web site!) were shot by attilio d'agostino, styled by jill manoff, and modeled by anne of CENTRO models at bob pitts' studio in st. louis, mo.
for their continued support, and for the creative passion of the entire crew at corridor 40, we'd like to send out a very special thank you - our most humble & sincere gratitude for inspiring us to always reach for more and encouraging us to never conform for status quo, the team at parker and paige will always be eternally grateful.

and, if you haven't heard - we have our very own youtube channel (!

now YOU can follow us live!  from our first photo shoot to our first uniform tour - join us in support of emerging designers & help promote education today by watching videos that keep you informed of our progress.  

but that's not all!
we've been tweeting about our journey all along, and we'd love to have YOU tweeting with us.  check out our twitter page today at  

Saturday, March 6, 2010

J by J at parker+paige

It's Official: JERELL SCOTT has joined the team at parker and paige!
The Project Runway superstar has designed a capsule collection (based off his latest collection for Jerell Scott Designs) at a price point that speaks to our fans. 

We've been excited to work with Jerell since the moment we first met him at Saint Louis Fashion Week back in March of 2009, and now the time has come:
J by J will be available for purchase exclusively at parker+paige ( this spring!

Until then you can see a sample of what he's got in store for YOU, by checking out some of our favorites from the J by J collection in our Facebook photo album entitled "COMING SOON". 

After mixed reviews of his S/S10 Collection, because of his dresses bling in a downtrodden economy, Jerell has found a way to turn his flare for flair into understated, yet elegantly simplistic accessories on his pieces for the J by J Collection, such as the beading on the neckline of the grey silk dress pictured below (left). 

We feel blessed that Jerell has graciously decided to design a capsule collection at a price point that speaks to our customers (dresses in the J by J collection are about 1/2 the cost of a dress from Jerell Scott Designs), and - on top of that - that he's joined our growing community of Emerging Designers for Education, a group of dedicated, creative individuals who want to incorporate the one-for-one movement into their businesses, and their lives.
So we've ordered only a small number in each size of the items in the J by J Collection to keep each piece exclusive for its owner - fans will have to act fast to get their hands on an original from the first J by J collection to ever be manufactured.

DON'T FORGET to sign-up for our newsletter, and you'll be one of the first to hear when our e-commerce web site will be launching - along with other exclusive offers & special promotions for our most loyal fans.  Simply email your contact information to
In the meantime, find out what YOU can do to support our mission, and join the fight against poverty & for education today, by visting our website at