Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Natalie Portman is Engaged!

Natalie Portman is engaged! 

And you should know what's coming next -- That's right!  It's the great debate over which details she'll choose for her big day.  And with talk of which dresses may drape best on Portman's thin frame, we thought we'd take this opportunity to highlight which of our emerging designers are working on Bridal Collections of their own.


While our designers mavy not boast the same kind of selection that David's Bridal does, I've got an ingenious thought for you this season:  How about rooting for the underdog, and experiencing your own private fittings from begin to end?

And I don't mean when the dress comes in from being ordered out of a catalog, but from the moment the fabric is unrolled it's being draped on you, like you're the model being paraded out in front of Valentino.

In fact, Jess Audey's pushed her repertoire even further to include bridesmaids dresses.  By cleverly mixing and matching her ladylike cocktail dresses with satin fabrics and romantic touches, she's been able to design dresses that are perfect for your ladies in waiting, because they are playful, yet demure. Take the light blue tulle skirt put underneath a few of her pieces, like the dress pictured to the right -- By doing this, she's given the overall look that added "umph", that makes your eye pop at the under skirt's contrastingly bright color, and then it's playful skirt grabs your attention before you've had a chance to look away.

Make not only your gown, but your entire bridal party a signature collection, that's all your own.

Choose from any of her spring pallets pictured, or mix a fabric from her explosive set of patterns and match it with a deeper hue in solid satin, like in this bridal party captured below to the right.

Pair a sweetheart, square or halter-neck top with peg, a-line, or full skirts on bottom, OR let your bridesmaids pick the cuts that flatter their frame best.
It will help them feel like they've been a part of the decision making without bickering amongst themselves on what the ultimate pick shall be, and you'll hold that extra card in your pocket the entire time, knowing it was you who made the decision long ago.

Bridesmaids dresses from Jess Audey are never more than $300 a piece (typically they run about $225), and bridal gowns from AUDEY are not much more; the designer has views about keeping her collection viable to her audience all the way down to its price tag; a principle that should be applauded during the economy we've all been suffering under lately.

LK's line is a tad more steep in regards to its prices, but what you are truly paying for is the quality.

The finest raw silks, crepe satins, and Georgette chiffons.  Straight hems and even stitching, everything lined with complimentary colored cotton, silk, or satin fabric, professionally surged -- even backstage at one of her shows, when other designers are ripping things apart, and sewing things back together directly on their models, each piece can pass a meticulous inspection.

She's tasteful, she's classy, and she knows what goes into a professionally made piece, so even if you're not in love with the cap sleeve debut to her bridal collection, like we are, Laura Kathleen can help you design the dress of your dreams.

Email us to learn how you can start picking out the details of your own big day, as we watch stars like Natalie Portman plan their weddings as well.

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