Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring Awakening

A Fashion Accessories Report

Trends from all the hippest fashion bloggers are reporting that it's better-than-ever to be a dude. 

This spring's fashion guidelines definitely touched on just how multifaceted men have become. From dressed-down bow-ties & reversible neckties to mens floral shirts in an array of fabrics reminiscent of a spring meadow this season's metrosexual will definitely have to up his game to stay on the sensitive side of male macho.

From beauty industry giants like Dove, kicking-off major marketing campaigns geared towards the modern male in a series of spots that began Super Bowl Sunday, entitled "Dove Men + Care", to Dos Equis new search for the 'Most Interesting Man in the World' campaign featured in three new commercials - "Ice Fishing", "Lady Luck", and "Snow Monkeys", marketers have jumped on the bandwagon on this spring's
mens grooming trend

See below from "League of Extraordinary Gentleman" by TrendCentral... 


Winter fashion can become a real drag this time of year when we're so bored of wearing black and grey but pastels still seem a far cry away, seasonally speaking. However, because we tend to avoid following fashion rules - wearing white after Labor Day has never offended our senses - here's a preview of some men's fashion looks for spring that you can break out before the tulips bloom to, at least spiritually, escape winter fashion purgatory:

Dressed-Down Neckwear: Neckwear is playing a bigger role in casual dressing among Gen Ys looking to add a little class to their everyday wardrobes. Once worn ironically, their dads' old silk power ties just don't cut it anymore. Pierrepont Hicks is flipping the neckwear game - literally. Their reversible bow ties and narrow neckties make for two unique looks in one woven piece of Scottish wool and silk that boasts subtle complementary colors. Both the Fergus and Mackers ties would look seriously slick paired with a chambray button down. The label also has leaked some samples of its upcoming spring line and, since PH tends to be a trendsetter in the men's accessory category, we're betting cotton is going to be the hot new fabric for neckwear in 2010.

Anti-Lad Mag Media: While scantily clad women, beer bong DIYs, and video game cheats speak to a certain demographic of young men, what about those guys who are more interested in sophisticated style? Men's Vogue may have been a little too runway for most men, but online we've found a number of fashion sites that speak to men more into things like the latest reversible neckties. The Trad is an ode to the classic sartorial flair of yesteryear's gentleman, and Mister Mort is a street style blog dedicated primarily to "following well-heeled men." Maybe if Maxim gave one of these guys a column, we could ban Ed Hardy forever. 

to read even more, simply click here

For the girl that wants to look as dapper as her partner, there are an array of trends in the accessories department that are provide perfect ways to update your look - and their coming soon to!

Headbands by LK 
Thanks to Blair Waldorf's pioneering efforts, over-sized headbands are back on the map. And while LK is making some worth waiting for, designer Holly Rae has an Etsy shop you can visit in the meantime (and in a lower price bracket) to spark your interest. 

Her vast array of bow headband styles is sure to please the inner child in us all, or at least a childlike budget - they typically range from $5 to $10 - the kind of chunk change we used to pine away for by collecting coins in our piggy bank.

And now that Marc Jacob's bunny ears have officially been explained you can rest easy knowing that it was merely the creative genius of a man surrounded by his muse, or his favorite office gal pal, lucy, and not the next oncoming trend of playboy pin-ups to don the runway. So the gossip girl in us all can reign supreme from her steps on the Met. 

What seems just as crazy as these hot pink, over-sized bunny ears on the catwalk, I believe can be traced back to the dizzying-effect that Kate Moss in fur fringe coats had on us all winter long. From our attempt at keeping our romps roasty on blistery winter evenings, comes the next wave in the accessories trend: cuddly bags to keep your wallet warm through the recession.

Refinery29 recently commented on the fury trend in this article.
And although we may not be featuring any of its furry friends in our accessories department this spring, we've got a hunch that designers Erin Tufts & Cassie Conrad from Nire` may just be bringing you some faux fur coats to quench your animalistic appetite this fall.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for Ebong's versatile neckties, and maybe even some floral prints adorning the dress shirts in his new collection, Ebong Eka, when we bring you looks from Mi Chiamo Eka & Ebong Eka later this spring.

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